“This is a sad and a little drunk IG post”- Nick Wright gives his verdict on Aaron Rodgers’ latest Instagram post

Nick Wright talks about the recent post of Aaron Rodgers on his Instagram account

Nick Wright and Aaron Rodgers
Nick Wright and Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers‘ future has been uncertain since the off-season prior to this recently concluded season as his continuous rift with the Packers front office seems to go on and on and their early exit from the playoffs following a meltdown at home against the San Francisco 49ers hasn’t helped this situation at all.

He still hasn’t made anything clear yet about his future and has recently broken up with his long-time girlfriend also, which might have some impacts on how he sees his career going ahead.

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"This is a sad and a little drunk IG post"- Nick Wright gives his verdict on Aaron Rodgers' latest Instagram post 2

Aaron Rodgers posted a recent post on Instagram which has made people wonder about many things related to his future, The post didn’t make anything clear but it did seem like he was leaving the Green Bay Packers or retiring from football.

Famous FOX Sports Analyst Nick Wright gave his views on the recent post of Rodgers on Instagram and said, “This is a sad and a little drunk IG post.”, referring to Rodgers being sad after having a breakup with his long-time girlfriend.

“This reminded me of various moments I had in college”- Nick Wright on Aaron Rodgers’ Instagram post

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A. Rodgers

Nick Wright on First Things First spoke up more about the Instagram post of Aaron Rodgers and said, “I’m going to postulate Aaron Rodgers was a little sad after going through a breakup. This reminded me of various moments I had in college. I just didn’t have Instagram & 30 million followers.”

He added, “I think Aaron Rodgers was talking about having kids with somebody openly and was in every open relationship with another person that now has ended, He is now at home and thinking about am I gonna keep playing football or not play football, am I gonna move or not move, then had a few cocktails and put this together.”

Nick Wright said, “It literally starts with Go on and Get Drunk, and he is a scotch man, and I’m not judgemental about it but that’s my read on it.”

It will be interesting to see what will be Aaron Rodgers’ decision as it will have a huge impact on how the league will play out in the future.

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