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The Pittsburgh Steelers HC Mike Tomlin claims ‘he dozed’ off during the Raiders and Chargers game

The Pittsburgh Steelers HC, Mike Tomlin claims he dozed off during the Charger vs Raiders game which was crucial for their qualification in playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers qualified for the playoffs following their victory against the Baltimore Ravens in OT and by the help of Las Vegas Raiders who also came through in the Overtime against the Los Angeles Chargers and themselves qualified for the playoffs along with the Steelers.

Mike Tomlin the Steelers HC apparently claimed that he was ‘dozed off’ during the Chargers vs Raiders game probably because he himself was involved in an overtime showdown against the Ravens in which they came through and cemented their spot for the playoffs.

“I’m probably better off not having watched it”- Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin who has now been the head coach of Steelers for 14 years has led the franchise to 7 AFC North Titles, 9 playoff trips and 2 Super Bowls trips in his tenure which is an impressive stat in itself.


He said, “I’m probably better off not having watched it“. He explained it was good that I did not watch that game as that it was full of turns and Steelers spot for the playoffs was still in jeopardy as they would have not qualified if the Chargers vs Raiders game had ended in a tie.

The Las Vegas Raiders won through a field goal in the overtime which confirmed playoff spots for both the Raiders and Steelers as the regular season came to an end in an emphatic manner. Steelers will now face the Chiefs in their first playoff match which will be a tough task for Tomlin as KC are one of the best teams in the league led by Patrick Mahomes.

They handled us and handled us definitively. We understand that. At the same time, we’re not paralyzed by that,” Tomlin said referring to the way which KC defeated Steelers defeated 3 weeks ago which ended 36-10.


Tomlins was of full praise for Patrick Mahomes as he said, “He doesn’t feel the pressure that’s not there,” Tomlin said of Mahomes. “He’s got a low pulse rate,” describing the effect that Patrick Mahomes has over the game. The Steelers would look to give their best against the Chiefs to have any shot winning and going through to the next round.

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