“They cut all the nerves!”: Deion Sanders has toes amputated as he shares visuals from new web series ‘Coach Prime’

Deion Sanders was hospitalized for almost a month in the middle of last season as the Tigers finished the season 11-2.

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders who underwent a foot surgery last year has now revealed the severity of his injury in a teaser of his new show “Coach Prime”. It has now been revealed that the surgeons amputated the big toe and second toe on his left foot.

He had been hospitalized for blood clots stemming from a previous operation. Deion Sanders took to Instagram to show his ordeal while saying that he lost a couple of little soldiers in the battle but he has not lost his faith in God. He had a dislocated toe along with an inflamed nerve. 

Deion Sanders loses two toes in foot surgery

Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders fought a huge battle as he was admitted for 23 days in the hospital most of which were in the ICU. In total he had 8 surgical procedures during that time. In fact it got so bad that he lost 40 pounds of weight and even needed help to go to the bathroom.

It was the pain,” Sanders said. “They cut all the nerves and sometimes that thing just throbbed. Ain’t nobody can tell me about no journey. I was fighting for life in there.”

The hardest thing of it all was to look down there and see that and understand that once upon a time you were this type of athlete and you don’t know if you’re gonna walk,” Sanders said. “Because all you feel is just pain and you just wanna get out of this hospital.”

Additionally the Jackson State Tigers coach has also said that the doctors said that there was a chance they would have to remove his entire leg and an even worse possibility of death.

They were talking about the amputation of toes,” Sanders said. “Then they were talking about the amputation of my leg from the knee down. Then, they were trying to ensure I had life.”

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