“Bills get all the fun QBs” – Twitter reacts as Case Keenum goes UNDERCOVER and fools teammates into signing an autograph

Here's how Twitter reacted to Buffalo Bills backup QB Case Keenum approaching teammates as a fan to get an autograph

Case Keenum pranking Josh Allen and Bills teammates
Case Keenum pranking Josh Allen and Bills teammates
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Quarterback is undoubtedly the most coveted and difficult position to play in the NFL. Once you attain that QB1 status, you enter a world of stardom, expectations, victory, and loss, and you are expected to deliver wins every week. While it’s a dream to be the starting QB in the league, it’s not so glorious for backup quarterbacks.

More often than not, backup QBs are never well known by fans around the globe and sometimes by fellow teammates as well. To check just how unknown he is to his Buffalo Bills teammates, backup QB Case Keenum played a fun prank on Tuesday at the team’s training camp.

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Case Keenum disguises himself as a fan to see how many of his teammates recognize him

Case Keenum
Case Keenum

On Tuesday, the Buffalo Bills shared a video in which Case Keenum showed up to training camp dressed up as a fan and tricked his teammates along with GM Brandon Beane into signing an autograph for him. The 34-year-old donned a bucket hat, glasses, and fake Southern accent to go along with his act and asked his mates for an autograph.

While some players quickly recognized Keenum under his disguise, others had to take a second look to validate that the fan is in fact their backup QB. After a while of Keenum goofing around pranking players, security approached him and asked him to stand behind the bars with other fans. Now that’s got to hurt!

At the end of the video, Keenum shouted at the top of his lungs in his fake accent as starting QB Josh Allen approached the fans. He asked Allen for his autograph and it took the 26-year-old star to recognize that it was his backup pranking him. Case Keenum has bounced around from team to team during his stint in the NFL. Counting the Bills, Keenum has played for six different teams during his nine-year-long career. Given Allen’s insane capability to win games, it is highly unlikely that Keenum gets a chance to start for the Bills. Let’s see how things turn around for him in his 10th year in the league.

Twitter can’t get over Case Keenum and his hilarious prank on Bills players

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