WATCH – Kiefer Sherwood PUMMELS Tage Thompson in ugly bout during Predators vs Sabres game at KeyBank Center

Tage Thompson gets body slammed on ice after initiating a fight with Kiefer Sherwood during the game between Sabres vs Predators.

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Tage Thompson vs. Kiefer Sherwood [Image Credit: Observer Today]

Sparks fly right off the bat as Buffalo Sabres and Nashville Predators face off at KeyBank Center on Tuesday. Being a Predator, forward Kiefer Sherwood (6’0”) absolutely chowed down a much bigger opponent Tage Thompson (6’6”) of Sabres. 

Each NHL match prior Stanley Cup race is being heated up, as teams are getting eliminated left and right. Every team is competing to snatch a playoff spot, and in a recent faceoff, the Predators dusted off the Sabres with a 7-3 victory. As each victory counts, this setback is sure to hurt the team.


During the puck control, Tage Thompson initiated a faceoff against Kiefer Sherwood, to pump up his team. Rather he got body slammed, s the Predators forward downed him on his back on the ice with a ‘thud’. The incident took place during the 2nd period at 15.58 when the two dropped the gloves.

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Tage Thompson gets body slammed on ice by Kiefer Sherwood

Untitled Tage Thompson vs. Kiefer Sherwood [Image Credit: YouTube]design 11 27
Tage Thompson vs. Kiefer Sherwood [Image Credit: YouTube]

The Nashville Predators were leading the Buffalo Sabres by then, with a point score of 3-1. In their recent win, the Predators secured 35-26-8 into the season, while Sabres carry a 33-31-6 record. Although Tage Thompson took the initiative to start the fight, Kiefer Sherwood turned the situation in his favor.


Predators forward Luke Evangelista scored 2 goals and 2 assists in the team’s victory. Following his NHL debut on February 28, the forward said, “With all the movement and stuff that’s gone on, there’s an opportunity for young guys here”. 

“I think we’re all just doing our best to take advantage of it and make a name for ourselves and earn a reputation and just try to stick as long as we can.” Yet again, the Sabres failed to secure a win for their Eastern Conference Wild Card race.

They are currently trailing Florida Panthers by 7 points. Thompson commented following their loss, “Obviously, there’s a lot of pressure”. “We can feel that. I think it’s the first time in a while this team’s been close to the playoffs. We wanted to be the group that can push and get there, so with that comes that added pressure.” 


“But we’ve got to learn how to play with that, and that’s something we’re learning to do right now. … A lot of it is self-inflicted, so the good news about that is we can clean that up.” 

Buffalo Sabres coach Don Granato said, “You have to have the ability to keep things in the game simple, and that’s what we’re going to learn through this,”. 

“You’ll learn the greater respect for how to keep the game simple, and it will be situational awareness. When you have a team that’s a growing team, that’s what they have to learn. … I stand here with conviction knowing that we will be better through this.”


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