Nikola Jokic will make ‘mincemeat’ out of Rudy Gobert, claims Shannon Sharpe in bold prediction for Nuggets vs. Wolves

Shannon Sharpe shared his predictions for the Denver-Minnesota match-up in the WCF Semifinals.

Nikola Jokic will make ‘mincemeat’ out of Rudy Gobert, claims Shannon Sharpe in bold prediction for Nuggets vs. Wolves

Nikola Jokic and Rudy Gobert

Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets booked their spot in the Western Conference Semifinals after dispatching the Los Angeles Lakers. Facing off with the Anthony Edwards-led Minnesota Timberwolves, the game’s outcome was the subject of discussion by Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take. 


Shannon Sharpe, on the show, talked about his favorites and why he is rooting for them. Furthermore, he explained a head-to-head contest comparing Nuggets’ Nikola Jokic and Wolves’ Rudy Gobert

Imma the Nuggets three best players over the Minnesota Timberwolves three best players. And with that being said, I believe it's going to be a long series. I'm taking the Nuggets. I believe Ant-Man and Jamal Murray can play to a standstill. Karl-Anthony Towns is gonna have the series of his life because Nikola Jokic is the real deal. [Nikola Jokic is] going to make mincemeat of Rudy Gobert.
Shannon Sharpe said

Jokic is Sharpe’s X Factor in the series and is crucial to how the Nuggets play, as his stats averages of 33.3 points and 11.8 rebounds against the Wolves speak volumes for him. Furthermore, he added that the French center and three-time Defensive Player of the Year winner would have a tough time handling the Joker, and there’s a possibility of witnessing the first-ever 30/10/10 triple-double in an NBA playoffs contest. 

However, things have changed since they both met last time in the playoffs and with the form of Anthony Edwards, the Wolves should be considered strong opposition. The Nuggets did struggle with consistency against the Lakers. If they repeat the same against the Wolves, fans should expect a long and entertaining Western Conference semi-final series. 

Stephen A. Smith believes another player other than Nikola Jokic would be the X-Factor for the Nuggets

While Shannon Sharpe sees Jokic as unstoppable, Stephen A. Smith has contrasting views on how the series would play out. SAS thinks that Jamal Murray is essential for the Nuggets bid for a back-to-back NBA title and needs to return to optimal fitness if the Nuggets are to stand a chance against the T-Wolves. 

If Jamal Murray is healthy, Denver wins this series in seven games. If he ain't, they lose.
Stephen A. Smith said

However, despite Murray’s heroics and game-winning shots, the Joker remains the ultimate fear factor for the Nuggets. He doesn’t need to score lots of points to keep them going, as he has demonstrated his playmaking abilities as well for his team. 

Controlling the Joker and Murray would require a lot of sacrifice and sheer willpower from the Wolves team, which would test their strengths to the limit. But one thing is sure: the game is never played in the analysis room but on the court.

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