Sprinter Noah Lyles plans to improve LEGACY of Usain Bolt after impressive 2023 season

Noah Lyles discussed his future in track and field, reflecting on a season marked by record-breaking achievements.

Sprinter Noah Lyles plans to improve LEGACY of Usain Bolt after impressive 2023 season

Noah Lyles with Usain Bolt (Pic Credit: TrackalertsTV)

Noah Lyles has illuminated further aspects of his athletic agenda after an extraordinary season that saw him breaking records. Dominating the track throughout 2023, Lyles triumphed at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary, securing three gold medals. Despite his numerous achievements, the American sprinter has continually emphasized his desire to elevate track and field by enhancing its competitiveness and appeal.

At 26 years old, Lyles has leveraged his influence to advocate for equal representation of track and field in sports media. Notably, he engaged in a vigorous confrontation with NBA athletes over their monopolization of the term “world champion” for their league’s winners. During a discussion with NBC Sports, Lyles acknowledged that his ambitions to innovate within the realm of athletics began at the outset of his career in 2016.


Lyles remembered when he first met with his representative and told them he wanted to go beyond just running and competing in track and field. He didn’t want to be seen as only a runner. He cited the example of Usain Bolt, the iconic sprinter whose supremacy in sprinting catapulted him to the pinnacle of brand recognition within the sport.

I also wanted to get beyond the sport. I refuse to be just another athlete who is known for running ... I specifically said I know what Bolt has done. I want to do more," Lyles further added. 
Noah Lyles on Usain Bolt through NBC Sports.

Lyles expressed that he has larger ambitions than Bolt’s eight Olympic gold medals despite acknowledging his legacy. Regrettably, as he becomes more immersed in the sport, he increasingly observes that it remains entrenched in outdated practices reminiscent of the 1970s track club scene.

Noah Lyles aims to revolutionize track and field with significant changes

2023 was a significant year for Lyles. His victory in the 100 meters world title showcased his talent, despite not being considered a strong contender in that event. He performed admirably when he was in the spotlight. He emerged from the 2023 World Championships with three gold medals. It was a very special accomplishment because he became the second person, after Bolt, to win the 200m race three times.

Noah Lyles
Noah Lyles [Image Credit- News9live]

He also helped the United States relay team win the 4x100m race. Beyond the track, Lyles has parlayed his success into prominent appearances at events like the Met Gala and the US Open, leveraging his burgeoning clout to elevate the stature of his sport. Looking ahead, he is determined to claim his first Olympic gold medal in Paris, France, the following year.

Almost without exception, the declarations spoken by Lyles about his aspirations have manifested into reality. However, as he considers his burgeoning career, his significant triumphs in track and field merely serve as the foundation for his broader ambition of achieving iconic status. Lyles, hailing from the DMV area, specifically Alexandria, Virginia, bears the word ‘icon’ indelibly inked on his body.

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