Social media influencer Olivia Dunne HITS back at NIL critics with savage 4-word reply

Olivia Dunne, a prominent figure in the sports industry, showed the world that she will remain resilient and unaffected by her detractors despite facing criticism.

Social media influencer Olivia Dunne HITS back at NIL critics with savage 4-word reply

Olivia Dunne [Image Credit- SI Swimsuit - Sports Illustrated]

Olivia Dunne, an accomplished gymnast hailing from LSU, once again addressed the critiques regarding her NIL contracts. About her NIL agreements, the 21-year-old social media influencer and athlete shared her thoughts on The New York Times report, which was discussed on TikTok.


Rather than allowing hate to deter her, Dunne made it a point to demonstrate her well-being and unwavering resilience. “Get with the times,” she mentioned in her post. The article mentioned by her in the post, “Sex Sells” raises a recurring concern about new endorsements for college athletes.

The article examined the possible downsides of NIL agreements for female athletes like Dunne, highlighting the potential negative impact on women’s sports. Now and then, people encounter moments of progress only to be followed by setbacks. Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer highlighted the importance of advocating for equal opportunities in sports.

That includes access to resources, coaching, and enjoyment of the benefits that come with being an Olympic-caliber athlete. VanDerveer interprets this as a hindrance for women involved in athletics. Many believed the article was offensive towards the LSU gymnast and frustrated Dunne in the process.


Olivia Dunne was not discouraged by the criticism directed at her, displaying a strong determination to persevere. She has consistently benefited from her NIL contracts. On3 reports Dunne’s value at $3.2 million, ranking her as the highest-valued female athlete and third overall among college athletes.

Various opinions exist about Dunne’s methods to secure her NIL deals, but fans will be pleased to know that women’s sports have experienced significant growth in recent years. Female athletes and women’s sports are currently receiving significant attention. The general anticipation is that it will achieve even greater success.

Olivia Dunne believes that other LSU gymnasts deserve NIL success

The partnership between Accelerator Energy and LSU will commence with gymnastics, marking it as the inaugural women’s sport to receive support. As a female college athlete, Olivia Dunne is earning a significant amount of money.

Olivia Dunne[Image Credit- Imago]
Olivia Dunne [Image Credit- Imago]

By leveraging her achievements, she aims to assist other women athletes in securing favorable contracts with corporations. Accelerator Active Energy and Dunne’s Livvy Fund announced a recent partnership on Tuesday, establishing their alliance that commenced in July.


Through the fund, the brand will have the advantage of being the first to establish agreements with athletes. Additionally, the brand announced that eight gymnasts from LSU will serve as ambassadors for the Accelerator program.

Dunne states that he has been fortunate enough to receive diverse opportunities through NIL, allowing her to gain experience that might be new to other athletes when they encounter it for the first time. She intended to assist other women by providing them opportunities to acquire knowledge and secure more NIL deals, just as she believe they deserve, similar to her.

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