Riley Gaines files $2 million lawsuit against trans athlete Lia Thomas for cheating and exposing “male genitalia” in women’s locker room

Riley Gaines has continued to slam Lia Thomas for her participation in several women competitions

Riley Gaines files $2 million lawsuit against trans athlete Lia Thomas for cheating and exposing “male genitalia” in women’s locker room

Riley Gaines (left) and Lia Thomas (right)

The story in connection with the involvement of transgender athletes in girl’s and women-only events continues to add a new chapter with each passing day. Various sporting organizations have laid out a ban on these athletes from taking part in such events. There is now a new development in the ongoing feud between Riley Gaines and Lia Thomas.

Thomas, a trans-athlete has been raising her voice demanding changes in Title IX. Gaines on the other hand has continued to slam her on multiple occasions. The swimmer is now reported to have filed an official $2 million lawsuit against Thomas for cheating and exposing her “male organs” in the women’s changing room.


Two months ago Gaines opened up to the world and shared the uncomfortable experience she had while sharing a locker room with Thomas. As per reports from Fox News, Gaines in an interview recalled that they were not warned or informed beforehand about Thomas sharing the same changing room.

We were not forewarned beforehand that we would be sharing a locker room with Lia. We did not give our consent, they did not ask for our consent, but in that locker room we turned around, and there’s 6’4” biological man dropping his pants and watching us undress, and we were exposed to male genitalia,” Gaines said in an interview.

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Riley Gaines is not a fan of Lia Thomas and continues to fight against her

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[Riley Gaines giving a speech. Pic Credit: Marca]

This heated rivalry between the two swimmers has seen Riley Gaines use her voice against Thomas. The 12-time All-American swimmer has earlier attacked ESPN for including Lia Thomas in their special Women’s History Month celebration segment. She claimed that the usage of Thomas’s name in such segments is unfair to other female competitors.

Recently the swimmer found herself at the end of an assault by an angry mob of trans-right protestors. This incident took place at the San Fransisco State University when she was delivering a speech regarding women’s rights.

Despite this, Gaines has stood her ground regarding the involvement of trans-athletes in several women-only events. She has also slammed US President Joe Biden and his administration for trying to make changes in Title IX.


Thomas has not made any statement regarding the lawsuit filed by Gaines. The trans athlete has found herself in the midst of controversy. While many have supported her for her heroics, others have slammed her and alleged that she cheated in these competitions. Some people are now calling for a completely separate category for transgender athletes. It is to be seen what unfolds next.

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