Transgender cyclists’ victory in an Illinois women’s race raises concerns about fairness

The victory of trans cyclist duo of Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson have once again raised concerns among spectators regarding the fairness in women sports.

Transgender cyclists’ victory in an Illinois women’s race raises concerns about fairness

Kristian Chalmers (L) Tessa Johnson (C) and Evelyn Williamson (R) at the podium [Pic Credit: X]

In the city of Chicago, Illinois, two individuals who underwent gender transition both finished in the top three placements of a race. It grabbed the attention of the public. Riley Gaines thinks only women who are born women should take part in the women’s category. She shared her worries about a problem at the championships.

Gaines pointed out that two transgender athletes excelled in the women’s competition, an event organized as part of the Chicago Cyclocross series. The women’s race was won by Tessa Johnson, while Evelyn Williamson came in second. Furthermore, Johnson achieved the second-highest score in the women’s cycling event held on the same day.


On top of her wins that day, Tessa Michael Johnson participated in the category 1-2 women’s race, claiming first place in the women’s single-speed race along with a $100 reward. Only a week prior, Johnson secured a second-place win in the elite women’s division at the State Championships.

These two athletes have won several races before, leading to a huge backlash from the fans. They have teamed up together and called themselves “TS-ESTRODOLLS“, which refers to the estrogen hormone.

Their success sparked debate and disapproval on social platforms. Riley Gaines is looking to raise funds to support female players who opt out of competing against trans females. “Two men take 1st & 2nd at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships yesterday,” Gaines wrote. She further claimed that if any women decides not to compete with them, then she will pay out the money to them by herself, as a means of standing up for themselves.


Piers Morgan backs the call to defend women’s rights in sports

As soon as this development broke out, several prominent names including Megyn Kelly and Vivek Ramaswamy expressed their frustration, with Kelly labeling the situation as “infuriating” and Ramaswamy linking it to a broader “mental health epidemic.”

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan and Donald Trump Jr both supported the message to protect women’s rights in sports. Trump Jr has shared a petition calling for the protection of women’s sports and for measures to prevent transgender women from participating in female sports competitions. On the other hand, Morgan requoted the tweet of Riley Gaines and called it “outrageous“.

Piers Morgan (Pic Credit: Evening Standard)

“It’s so outrageous. Why aren’t more women standing up against this assault on their rights?” Morgan asked. This development further raises questions about whether it’s fair for people of different genders to compete in sports against each other. Social media users are now discussing how to be fair to everyone while still keeping the competition fair.


A transgender cyclist emerged victorious in a New York City race earlier this year, leading to debate over the fairness of the win. The UCI has implemented a new regulation that prohibits transgender athletes from participating in women‘s international cycling competitions starting in July. This decision comes in response to increasing worries about this issue.

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