“Cryptic World”, Usain Bolt speaks out against social ills and greed for money after getting defrauded of millions of dollars

“Cryptic World”, Usain Bolt speaks out against social ills and greed for money after getting defrauded of millions of dollars

Recently, the news of Usain Bolt losing millions of dollars in a defrauding scheme shook the world. The Jamaican track and field legend was the victim of multi-million dollar fraud, which came to light last week. Bolt has lost over $6 million from this fiasco.


Nugen Walker, the manager of Bolt, has informed the Jamaican newspaper, Gleaner, that this fraud happened under the scrutiny of the investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL). Bolt has been associated with the firm for over 10 years. The entire portfolio of the Jamaican legend was then thoroughly reviewed following this incident.

Following this fiasco, Bolt has issued his thoughts on it through a tweet. He has called out on the social evils and greed for money through the lyrics of his song, Cryptic World. This song was released on 7 October 2022 which also featured his manager Nugent (NJ) Walker.

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Usain Bolt writes lyrics from his new song to call out on his recent fraud fiasco

Usain Bolt at London Olympics 2012 [Credits: New York Times]

As the Jamaican sprinter’s manager had pointed out, Usain Bolt was made aware of this incident on January 11, 2023. This was when he discovered the weird anomalies in his account after losing several millions of dollars. Bolt’s account was immediately put under review by the Jamaican investment firm Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL).

Reflecting on this incident, Bolt tweeted lyrics from his song Cryptic World. In the tweet, he writes, “In a world of lies, where is the truth? The history evil, what is the root? Money.” He is trying to call out everyone who, in greed for money, causes heinous acts like stealing and money laundering.

The song was released on Bolt’s YouTube channel on 7 October 2022 and had over 700K views. It was released to speak out against the world’s rampant societal and structural problems. Bolt never knew he would be a victim of something he stands so vehemently against.

In this massive multi-million dollar fraud, Bolt was one of the 20 clients affected at the investment firm SSL. A former employee of the firm is currently being scrutinized for his previous role in another massive financial fraud in Jamaica.


According to Gleaner, Bolt’s portfolio has reportedly been defrauded of $6 million in stocks and bonds, while other clients have lost a total of $4 million. Walker, Bolt’s manager, could not state the impact of this fraud on Usain Bolt as investigations are still ongoing.

Usain Bolt retired from athletics in 2017 and has an estimated net worth of around $90 million. In 2016 alone, he earned $31 million in prize money, sponsorship deals, and appearance fees. The fans all over the world are hopeful that justice is served to the former track and field star.

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