Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs set to face Lamar Jackson’s Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium in regular-season opener on September 5

The Ravens have a 1-3 record against the Chiefs in the regular season.

Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs set to face Lamar Jackson’s Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium in regular-season opener on September 5

Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes (Via Imago)

It’s official: The reigning Super Bowl champion is all set to kick off the regular-season opener against the team that dominated the entire AFC last season, the Baltimore Ravens. With the two up against each other in week 1 of 2024, it’s the AFC championship game all over again. 

The NFL announced on Monday that the Kansas City Chiefs will be hosting their conference rivals, the Ravens, at Arrowhead Stadium on September 1.

It has become a yearly tradition in the league for the reigning Super Bowl champion to host the opening game of the next season. 

Ever since the thrilling match of the AFC in the playoffs last season, it was highly anticipated for both the powerhouses of the AFC to face head-to-head in the season-opener of the 2024 regular season. This gives Lamar Jackson another silver chance to beat the reigning Super Bowl MVP, Patrick Mahomes, in his home stadium. 

However, if anyone’s counting, the Ravens most certainly do not have a winning record against the Chiefs. The last regular season victory scored by the former was back in 2021, and he has a 1-3 record against the latter in the regular season.

Given that both are favorites to lead the AFC, perhaps Jackson might have learned from his mistakes in the AFC title game and hopefully used them to take down Mahomes’s Chiefs finally. 

Patrick Mahomes’ record-breaking journey with the Chiefs

The Chiefs truly hit a jackpot when they drafted Mahomes in 2017. As he took over the offense as they started a year later, he has a remarkable winning record of 77-22 games. Not just that, he has led the Chiefs to six straight AFC championship games and won three out of their four Super Bowl appearances. 

'Confident' Patrick Mahomes asserts Chiefs will win the Super Bowl again next season and complete the 'historic' three-peat
Patrick Mahomes (Image via IMAGO)

On average, Mahomes’ winning record per season is around 12-4 or 13-4, as the number of games per season varies in between. For two seasons straight, as he brought home two consecutive Super Bowl trophies, the Chiefs have been dominating the Chiefs. 

And now, as they get ready for the 2024 season, they are aiming high at creating history with a three-peat. They might even have a chance to accomplish it with the legendary quarterback-coach duo of Mahomes and head coach Andy Reid, now that they have also improved their receiving corps. 

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