Phil Mickelson reveals plans of arranging “Pros vs Schmos” 9-hole match after retirement from golf

Phil Mickelson previously claimed that his career is reaching towards it's end.

Phil Mickelson reveals plans of arranging “Pros vs Schmos” 9-hole match after retirement from golf

Phil Mickelson (Image via Imago)

Almost a week ago, six-time major champion Phil Mickelson hinted towards his retirement from golf. In an interview with Bloomberg, the “Lefty” claimed his career is towards it’s end. The veteran though seems to have already planned what he will be doing once he waves goodbye to greens of golf.

Chris McKee of This Week in Golf took to his X account and shared a clip of Phil Mickelson. The radio host and writer went on to claim that once Mickelson retires from golf, he will become one of the “most sought” TV analyst in golf.

Given the experience Mickelson has, he could be a good fit for the analyst role. However, the 53-year-old has no such plans. Though he did appreciate the kind words of McKee, he expressed that just because someone can do something, does not mean they should do it.

Thank you for the kind words. However, just cuz someone CAN do something doesn’t mean they SHOULD do it.
Phil Mickelson wrote on X.

Mickelson later went on to reveal his actual plans. The HyFlyers GC captain claimed that he will shoot some “Pros vs Schmos” 9-hole match and share his “insights” to the viewers.

Instead of commentating, I’m going to shoot some Pros vs Schmos 9 hole matches. I’ll share insights throughout as well as talk a little smack.
Phil Mickelson on X.

Ian Poulter willingly to help Phil Mickelson with his retirement plan

Since the tweet from Phil Mickelson went viral, several people have volunteered to take part in this showdown. One of them is his LIV Golf league mate Ian Poulter, who seemed to have liked this plan of the 45-time PGA Tour winner.

Ian Poulter and Phil Mickelson
Ian Poulter (L) and Phil Mickelson (R) [Image via Imago]

The Englishmen who is highly active on social media, pointed out how this could be a chance for them to act as Ryder Cup captains. While Poulter is suspended by the DP World Tour and might not feature as a future Ryder Cup captain, Mickelson simply refused to take this role while claiming there was a lot of “hostilities” among the players.

I’m happy to be the Schmos if you like.. just like we could have been Ryder Cup Captains against each other. Which ain’t happening now. So name the place and time and I will bring the [camera]. I’m all in. Just put those calf muscles away. Tartans trousers only.
Ian Poulter to Phil Mickelson on X.

Mickelson would later reply to him and accepted his proposal. He would share a three-word “Let’s do this” reply to this message from Poulter.

Only time will now tell when will this matchup take place. Both Mickelson and Poulter are struggling to make a mark on LIV Golf and are yet to register a win. In the 2024 season long standings, Mickelson is currently placed on 34th spot while Poulter is just three places behind him on 37th with each of them having only one top-10 finish this season

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