Ryan Garcia and bizarrely accurate predictions: Earthquakes, Baltimore Bridge tragedy, and more

The young and controversial boxer, Ryan Garcia has made several predictions in the past two months that have come true.

Ryan Garcia and bizarrely accurate predictions: Earthquakes, Baltimore Bridge tragedy, and more

Ryan Garcia (image credit- Kevin Lole)

Ryan Garcia has been making headlines before his fight. This is mainly due to the controversial nature of his comments or antics. As such, the young boxer had uploaded a spree of strange tweets during the buildup to the Devin Haney fight. Most of this has a promotional gimmick or antics that will help bring more eyes to the fight. However, some of his tweets, in which he predicted several things, actually came true. 

The young boxer made several controversial tweets about several conspiracy theories. This included speaking about UFOs, Bohemian Groove, and the Elites, who run a sex trafficking business. The majority of the boxing community felt that all of this was just a tactic. However, Garcia maintained that he knows things that most of the world doesn’t. 

After the fight, Garcia admitted that he did try to act crazy as a promotional gimmick. However, he maintained his stance on several topics he has discussed. Similarly, KingRy made several predictions months ago, which gradually came true. 

Ryan Garcia’s prediction about the Baltimore Bridge 

Most people believe that Garcia would make absurd tweets and later delete them. Subsequently, Garcia stated that his tweets were being deleted because he was exposing the truth. One of these tweets was his grim prediction of the Baltimore Bridge collapse. 

ryan garcia 1600x900
Ryan Garcia (image credit- Kevin Lole)

As such, the famous Francis Scott Bridge in Baltimore was destroyed in a devastating crash when a freight vessel collided with it. This occurred on March 26, which is the exact date that Garcia had predicted. After the incident, both terrestrial and aquatic search and rescue teams were activated to look for the seven missing individuals.

Ryan Garcia predicted the June 6 earthquake

While the Baltimore Bridge prediction happened quickly, Garcia had also predicted an earthquake would happen in California. Furthermore, KingRy made this prediction in March and stated that it would be on June 6. Surprisingly, an earthquake of 5.8 magnitude did occur, which further validated his prediction. 

Ryan Garcia predicts an Earthquake
Ryan Garcia (Via IMAGO)

In addition, Garcia reminded his followers of his prediction that he made two months ago, a day before June 6. This reflected how confident he was about his claims. However, fans from California dismissed his prediction. This is because earthquakes seem to be a normal occurrence in the region. 

Ryan Garcia predicted his recent arrest

Two months ago, other than the earthquake prediction, Ryan Garcia had also predicted that something bad was going to happen to him. Subsequently, the young boxer provided another specific date and stated that it would happen on June 8. 

Ryan Garcia arrested
Ryan Garcia arrested (image credit- The Sun, X)

On the date Garcia was arrested for vandalism after causing damages worth $15,000 in a luxury hotel, KingRy was seen being escorted in handcuffs while being surrounded by police.

Beyond this, Garcia has also previously predicted that he would be arrested and killed in jail for speaking the truth. However, that grim prediction has not yet happened.

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