Shannon Sharpe compares Brock Purdy with Tom Brady as he breaks down the ‘game-manager’ narrative

Brock Purdy has always proved his 'Mr. Irrelevant' tag wrong, ever since it was stamped upon him.

Shannon Sharpe compares Brock Purdy with Tom Brady as he breaks down the ‘game-manager’ narrative

Shannon Sharpe compares Brock Purdy with Tom Brady (Via Imago)

When it comes to Tom Brady‘s successor in the league, Patrick Mahomes has shone the brightest. But Shannon Sharpe shocked the entire industry when he compared a second-year quarterback, known by his ‘Mr. Irrelevant’ title after being picked last in his draft– Brock Purdy, with the legendary quarterback. 


During the recent episode of the First Take show, Sharpe alongside Stephen A. Smith discussed whether Purdy can lead the San Francisco 49ers to the Vince Lombardi trophy, considering the fact they haven’t won since 1994. Last season, they got super close by appearing in the grand Super Bowl game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but a mistake in the overtime cost them the trophy. 

Sharpe changed the entire narrative surrounding the infamous ‘game-manager’ tag that the 49ers quarterback received during the middle of the 2023 season. He asserted that the Niners have a solid chance of winning, if Purdy learns the game-management skills from the greatest game manager of all time– Brady. 

You have to understand the situation you are in and Tom Brady is the greatest game manager because he understood every game. I might need to score 40 today but this might be a low-scoring game so I can’t put the ball in harm’s way. So you have to understand what’s required of you early on in order to win the game. Brock Purdy does a great job of understanding that. He processes the information extremely fast and extremely well.
Shannon Sharpe said

What are the parallels between Tom Brady and Brock Purdy?

ESPN analyst Sharpe believes Purdy is already on the path to learning the same management skills as the former NFL legend. Given so, he shares a lot more in common with Brady as compared to other top quarterbacks in the league. 

Brock Purdy and Tom Brady
Brock Purdy and Tom Brady (Image via The Mirror)

Starting from their NFL drafts, as both Purdy and Brady were overlooked and picked very late. But it only increased their motivation and determination to establish their names among the top quarterbacks in the league. Brady, when retired in 2022, sure did that by winning seven Super Bowl rings and the title of winningest quarterback of all time.

Whereas, Purdy is still quite early in his career and hasn’t had the opportunity to win a Super Bowl ring. But at the same time, within just two years of playing in the NFL, Purdy has changed his Mr. Irrelevant title to the most-loved underdog.

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