Six-time Grand Slam Champion Boris Becker faces upto 7 years in prison

Former World No.1 Boris Becker has been accused of a serious crime and will allegedly face 7 years of prison for it.

Boris Becker

Boris Becker had been successful from the onset of his career. He was catapulted in the public eye at the age of 17 when he won his first major singles title. After initially amassing an immense amount of wealth, Becker’s complex financial situation along with huge debts which he had to pay was disclosed a few years ago. He has even been in a negative light in the headlines for numerous reasons lately. Just recently, the German engaged in a social-media dispute with Aussie Nick Kyrgios. 

While a 52-year-old man calling a 25-year-old “rat” is indecorous, being accused of obstruction of justice falls in a wholly different category. According to a British daily newspaper The Guardian, Becker has been accused of hiding financial assets worth 1.2 million pounds in an apartment in the Chelsea neighborhood, and will now face seven years in prison.

According to the mentioned information, there are 19 charges pending against Becker at this time, including those of tax evasion and obstruction of justice. Yesterday, the German faced the introductory hearing of the previously mentioned case. 

Becker responded to the accusations and the stir they’ve caused in the media through his social profile and stated- “Innocent until proven otherwise! I deny the validity of the charges against me, I will defend myself with all the legal means I have at my disposal. I believe in justice. My legal team will prove my innocence in due course.”

Boris Becker’s brush with financial and supposedly legal troubles in the past

Boris Becker

A few years ago, Hands Dieter Cleven, an entrepreneur, claimed to have an open-credit of about 40 million Swiss francs with his fellow countryman, Becker.

Boris replied by stating “The Zug court did not recognize this sum, which was not even taken into consideration. Behind this alleged sum there is a very complicated connection inherent in various companies, which Mr. Cleven and I founded together 15, 16 years ago. I met him in 1999 in Dusseldorf on the occasion of the World Cup. He asked me if I was willing to acquire 50% of the Völkl tennis centre to promote the brand with my image and, of course, work on the development and marketing of the club.”

“We agreed that I would not have to pay anything or take any financial risks. At the time I was about to retire from pro and was trying to reorient myself. I wanted to stay in the tennis field. Cleven was like a mentor for me, he gave me a good opportunity to take a first step in this direction,” he further added.

It will be interesting to see now, how things turn out for Becker.

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