“Darvin Ham is on a hotseat, and you start a podcast with JJ Redick?” Stephen A. Smith SLAMS LeBron James for planning Lakers head coaching carousel

JJ Redick is at the fore-front of the Los Angeles Lakers head coaching job search.

“Darvin Ham is on a hotseat, and you start a podcast with JJ Redick?” Stephen A. Smith SLAMS LeBron James for planning Lakers head coaching carousel

Stephen A. Smith claims LeBron James starting podcast with JJ Redick is proof of his involvement in Los Angeles Lakers head coaching search

As the Los Angeles Lakers coaching search is fully underway, the talk amongst everyone is about the contenders for the job. JJ Redick stands at the forefront of the queue. In all the scenarios so far, LeBron James and his involvement in the coaching search has been debated.

Even though his camp has come out with the narrative that he is not involved, Stephen A. Smith thinks otherwise. This was the topic of discussion on today’s edition of First Take on ESPN.

We've always said LeBron James is a master at trying to dictate narratives. What are we supposed to believe when you know good and damn well that Darvin Ham is on a hotseat. And you start a podcast with JJ Redick? And lo and behold JJ Redick is the leading candidate for the Lakers job. Behind the scenes he's (LeBron) working what he wants to work. Don't believe a damn think he says otherwise.
Stephen A. Smith said

Stephen A. Smith is convinced that James is influencing the Lakers head coaching job search. Even if he and his camp deny it, it is clear as day.

The longtime ESPN host reaffirmed that LeBron James has had an influence on front office matters for quite some time. It has been the main talking point for much of the latter part of his basketball career. Especially during his time with the Lakers, most of the coaching hirings and player recruitment have his fingerprints on them.

So, to start a podcast together with JJ Redick was, as Smith believes, the perfect introduction of Redick’s basketball mind into the public eye. That way, fans and the Los Angeles Lakers will get a preview of what Redick is.

LeBron James and JJ Redick could lead Lakers together

JJ Redick might be the basketball savant LeBron James was looking for in his next head coach. But it also does not take away the fact that the all-time leading scorer in NBA history himself is one who knows and sees everything materialize on the court. Therefore, it is possible that the two will be working together to lead the Los Angeles Lakers.

James and Redick might become the first head coach and player combo that work in unison on the court to get their team winning games. Redick loves to coach, and James is almost a player-coach when running the floor. Therefore, unlike when a traditional coach would have to take all the duties of directing play, James will probably do most of it on his own.

That could leave Redick to focus and look for ways to adjust as per the needs of the game. A perfect combination to set themselves up for success.

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