Stephen A. Smith SLAMS Michael Malone for chastising ‘respectful’ reporter after blowing 20-point lead

Malone's behavior, according to SAS, was unprofessional and unwarranted.

Stephen A. Smith SLAMS Michael Malone for chastising ‘respectful’ reporter after blowing 20-point lead

Stephen A. Smith and Mike Malone

The Denver Nuggets’ season came to a stunning end on Sunday night with a 98-90 Game 7 loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. After the game, coach Michael Malone had a tense moment with a reporter who asked about the collapse, which Malone deemed a “stupid-a**” question.

Stephen A. Smith on ESPN’s First Take then called out Malone for his actions where he said the question was respectful and not out of line. Smith also pointed out that the Nuggets had a significant lead and were the reigning champions, making the question about their emotions and collapse reasonable.


Respectfully, sir, that was not a dumba** question. Actually, it was a very respectful question. You were up by 20. You did end up blowing that lead. It was a Game 7. You’re the reigning defending NBA champions. You’re on your home court. You won three straight to take a 3-2 lead. You got annihilated by 45 points in Game 6, you come back for Game 7, you’re up 20 and you all lose to a younger team… I thought that was a complete overreaction and a disrespectful reaction by coach Malone.
Stephen A. Smith said via ESPN’s First Take

Smith criticized Malone’s overreaction and disrespectful response, as he said it was not a good look for the coach. He emphasized that the reporter was respectful and had every right to ask the question. Malone’s behavior, according to SAS, was unprofessional and unwarranted.

The Timberwolves will move on to face the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference finals, while the Nuggets will regroup after the loss and prepare for next season. Malone’s outburst will likely be remembered as a low point in an otherwise successful season for the Nuggets.

Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith on their loss against the Pacers

Stephen A. Smith expressed his disappointment and pain after the New York Knicks’ season ended with a loss to the Indiana Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Smith, a well-known Knicks fan, conveyed his emotions with a meme of himself looking perplexed, and the network highlighted his love for the team during Game 7 coverage.

We got so close and then everybody gets hurt. (But) I'm still proud of the New York Knicks. We were almost there. We were almost there, OK? We'll be back!
Stephen A. Smith said on First Take

The Knicks’ season was an emotional rollercoaster for Smith, who had high hopes for the team. However, they suffered further medical woes, losing OG Anunoby and Jalen Brunson during the game, and ultimately extending their conference finals appearance drought to 24 seasons.

Also, Smith composed himself and offered a eulogy for the Knicks, wearing a doctor’s lab coat and stethoscope to reference the team’s injuries. He expressed pride in the team, saying they were close to achieving their goals and will be back next season. 

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