Find out: Roger Federer finally reveals his mid-match Superstition

Former World No. 1 Roger Federer finally reveals his secret superstition that he follows every time he loses a point in the match and his reasoning behind the ritual.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

Roger Federer is not a man who follows or believes in many superstitions or rituals when it comes to his time on the court. While many players do follow a set routine that makes them comfortable and prepares them for the much, Federer has so far never revealed to have a pre-match ritual and it’s just match-time on for him.

In a recent interview with a Swiss magazine, the former World No. 1 spoke about his unheard mid-match ritual or one can say his superstition. While Federer has given quite a few sleepless nights because of his domination on the court, on some off days even the Swiss has suffered heavy defeats. Answering how he stays controlled during matches when losing points, Federer revealed his secret.

“How can I just ignore a bad point and stay calm? One tip that has helped me a lot is the towel. A baby has a cosy blanket or a teddy bear. My trainer told me that I needed something like this, something that helps me withdraw into my world for a brief moment. Actually, the idea was simple, you can get excited for three seconds. Then you run to the towel.

“In the end, it was easy to set up and above all very effective. For me, it has become a ritual. Lost point, first reflex – towel,” said the 20-time Grand Slam champion who relies on his towels during the matches to not lose his concentration and stay focussed on winning.

Roger Federer’s comeback date still not confirmed

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

After yet another surgery that left the Swiss Maestro on crutches and ended his season, the comeback date is one of the most talked thing among tennis circles. With everyone hoping for a Federer return at the upcoming 2022 Australian Open, there is nothing official as of now and fans will have to wait at least for a month to know whether the 6-time champion will be back in Melbourne or not.

With quarantine rules in place for athletes participating at the first Grand Slam of the next year, in case Federer makes a trip to Australia in the last week of December, that would be a glimpse of hope that he might be returning to tennis action down under.

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