‘I grew up watching Roger and cheering for him,’ Matteo Berrettini on idolizing Roger Federer

In an interview with Gio Journal, Matteo Berrettini reflects on the impact Roger Federer had on him growing up.

Matteo Berrettini and Roger Federer
Matteo Berrettini and Roger Federer

Swiss maestro Roger Federer is one of the greatest ever tennis player and has inspired many generations. He has been on tour for almost 2.5 decades and is the most celebrated tennis player in the history of the sport. He’s currently 40 and was a childhood idol to many current players on the tour.

Recently, in an interview with Gio Journal, Italian superstar Matteo Berrettini revealed he too idolized Federer growing up. He said that he saw Federer on TV and always cheered for him

“I grew up watching Roger (Federer) and cheering for him. I supported him as much as I could, watching him on TV whenever he was on. But then the day came when I realized I was playing the same tournament as he was in the same draw. So I couldn’t support him anymore from that point on. I have told Roger this story as we get on very well now,” Berrettini said.

The Wimbledon finalist also revealed that he lost to Federer at Wimbledon a few years ago just because of the intimidation factor the Swiss brought on court.

“I think that’s why one of the first times I played him on Centre Court and Wimbledon, he destroyed me, because I couldn’t believe I was playing against my idol on one of the most iconic courts on tour,” he said.

Berrettini considers Federer as the greatest best ambassador of the sport

Roger Federer and Matteo Berrettini
Roger Federer and Matteo Berrettini

Berrettini was asked whom he considers to be the best ambassador of the sport. He straight away named Federer. He said that he admire how Federer carries himself off the court through his charity or utilizing the sport to impact many lives.

“Roger. I admire the example he sets, and the time he gives to the sport off the court and away from the cameras. I feel he understands that he has the power to have a much more significant impact on the world in general,” he said.

“Whether it is his charity work or sitting on the ATP player council for so many years, he utilizes the sport and his popularity to impact as many lives as he can positively.”

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