‘Another feather in the cap’ Carlos Alcaraz gets honoured as the ‘Best Athlete’ by his hometown

For his incredible achievements over the past two seasons, Carlos Alcaraz gets honoured by his hometown of Murcia.

Carlos Alcaraz
Carlos Alcaraz

The new tennis sensation Carlos Alcaraz attended the Sports Gala event in Murcia before flying for the French Open 2022. With just having made his mark on the global stage after winning two tournaments just ahead of the Roland Garros and now will look forward to leaving a big impact in French Open with his speculating performance and strong gameplay.

It was a grand sports event where many big names attended the function and he is on every news headline because of his game and his achievements at this very young age. Which are also leading him towards the comparisons with greats of the games. Alcaraz was named the Best Athlete, an award he shared with motorcycle racer Pedro Acosta and runner Mohamed Katir.

“Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Sports Gala of the Region of Murcia. I want to thank the Sports Press Association and the Region of Murcia for the award for the best athlete in the Region of Murcia together with Pedro Acosta and Mohamed Katir. Long LIVE MURCIA,” he posted on his official Instagram handle.

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Big French Open expected from Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz | Tennis News | FirstSportz
Carlos Alcaraz

As Carlos is performing this year at the tournaments it would be not wrong to say that he is going to be rocking up the world in the upcoming times. With the tournaments lined up this year, especially the French Open where he is being seen as one of the tournament’s favourites.

With record-breaking and scintillating wins at the two Masters 1000 and breaking into the top 10 of the rankings at very young, in less span of time and wins over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, Carlos has been on a roll this year. He has now deservingly getting rewarded for his achievements.

Only time will what he can accomplish as a player and for how long will he be able to maintain his career in the tough environments and competition of the players.

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