Ben Shapiro appallingly cites Serena Williams’ example in slamming the Left Wing’s agenda of not separating sports by sex

Citing Serena Williams' example, Ben Shapiro reiterates the fact that men are physically stronger than women.

Serena Williams and Ben Shapiro
Serena Williams and Ben Shapiro

Renowned American conservative political commentator and media host Ben Shapiro recently took to social media to share his thoughts on sex separation in sports. Over the years, due to the differences in their physical strength, men and women compete in different categories and do not compete against each other. But with time, their have been voices which have demanded against sex separation in sports.

Many activists, especially some extremists from the Left Wing have claimed that separating sex in sports is very disrespectful to women and doesn’t abide by the principles of equality. Speaking on the Ben Shapiro Show, Ben narrated in detail how sex separation in sports is no way related to sexism.

Shapiro said that the Left Wing argues that men have no biological advantage over women in athletics but that is absolutely not true. Because if it were true, someone like the great Serena Williams wouldn’t have become a household name. Men have advantage in physical strength and when someone calls it out, it’s not sexist but plain reality, Shapiro claimed. Serena herself has said on multiple occasions that she would lose easily even to very low ranked players on the ATP Tour.

“The Left is now arguing that we shouldn’t separate sports by sex; they argue that men have no biological advantage over women in athletics. If women and men were not separated by sex in sports, nobody ever would have heard of Serena Williams. That’s not sexism. It’s reality,” Shapiro wrote on Twitter.

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Serena Williams retired from the sport at the US Open

Serena Williams
Serena Williams

A couple of weeks ago, Serena Williams played the last match of her career at the US Open. She lost her third round match to Australian Ajla Tomljanovic in three sets. She received the grandest farewell possible with fans showing up in huge numbers at the Arthur Ashe Stadium. Although Serena has hinted many times that she may come out of retirement like Tom Brady, she is yet to confirm any such speculations. For now, she is completely invested in her ventures and her family.

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