WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz’s brother hits impressive forehand shots as destiny beckons a future champion

The youngest Alcaraz brother has been turning heads for a while now and this latest video is just another testament of it.

WATCH: Carlos Alcaraz’s brother hits impressive forehand shots as destiny beckons a future champion

Carlos Alcaraz and Jaime Alcaraz (Images via ATP Tour)

Tennis fans are not content with only one Alcaraz on the Tour and have started hoping for a second one soon. With Carlos Alcaraz already considered in the top two or three players of the sport at the moment, his 12-year-old brother is no different.


Jaime Alcaraz is the youngest of the four brothers from the Alcaraz family. Carlos is the second eldest behind the eldest brother Alvaro. Following Carlitos are Sergio and Jaime. Both have followed their elder brother in picking up the tennis racket.

While Sergio is yet to get the media attention, Jaime is already part of the discussions in tennis circles. He has been spotted multiple times at tournament sites including Wimbledon. They were in attendance when the World No. 2 won the 2023 Championships defeating defending champ Novak Djokovic in the finals.

The youngest Alcaraz recently made the headlines after winning the Under-12 category event on the Rafa Nadal Tour. Carlos had won the same title seven years ago. Jaime’s win in the finals was against Beltran Serrano who is considered one of the best players in Spain in the U-12 category.


A video of Jaime is currently making rounds on the internet showing the explosive forehand of the 12-year-old. Training on a clay court, the young Jaime can be seen involved in some sort of training drill where he is returning to a certain point before unleashing the forehand.

Jaime Alcaraz’s forehand reminds fans of Jannik Sinner

The video went viral quickly triggering reactions of many fans. Many praised the youngster for his clean hitting at such a young age with correct movement as well.

Carlos Alcaraz's brother Jaime Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner
Carlos Alcaraz’s brother Jaime Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner (Images via X)

Many others compared his forehand being similar to that of the recently crowned Australian Open champion Jannik Sinner. The hand movement before hitting the ball did resemble a style similar to that of the Italian. However, Jaime would still be looking up to his elder brother than one of his fiercest rivals.

In the current lot of Tour players, only Stefanos Tsitsipas is seen playing doubles with his sibling Petros. With Jaime still having a long way to go before becoming a Tour regular, fans would certainly be excited about the prospect of Carlos and Jaime teaming up in doubles and facing each other in singles as well.


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