“Bro stole Djokovic pusher game style” – Fans brutally bash Daniil Medvedev for his ‘power’ claim in resurfaced video

Daniil Medvedev knows what he has changed and why.

“Bro stole Djokovic pusher game style” – Fans brutally bash Daniil Medvedev for his ‘power’ claim in resurfaced video

Daniil Medvedev accuse Daniil Medvedev of copying Novak Djokovic (Images via X, The Guardian)

Russian tennis ace Daniil Medvedev has come a long way from a kid born in Russia to a man winning a handful of tennis titles at the highest level. Medvedev has also evolved as a player. While he used to take pride in being the aggressor in his early days, the Russian ace is now more of a pusher who plays long rallies. However, his change in style of play attracted criticism with fans claiming he copied Novak Djokovic

As an old video of Medvedev shows him claiming that he does not like to play defensively, fans took a dig at the Russian reminding him that his current gameplay is built around his strong defense.


A few went a step ahead to claim that Medvedev copied Djokovic’s style of play which means one has to be a ‘pusher’ and it eventually yielded favorable results for the former World No.1. 

LOOOOOOOOOL when he was a flop basher! bro stole Djokovic pusher game style and made 30 million dollars in a span of 4 years
A user wrote on X while resharing the clip that shows Daniil Medvedev talking about his aggressive gameplay.

Meanwhile, others also took a shot at Medvedev, bashing him for being delusional. Check out the different set of reactions to Daniil Medvedev’s resurfaced video below.

Daniil Medvedev subtly addresses his changed style of play

While it is no surprise that Daniil Medvedev changed his style of play and it eventually helped him win a Grand Slam by beating the same player people accuse the Russian of copying, the former World No.1 has no shame in admitting it. Medvedev has openly admitted that he has changed his style from being aggressive to defensive.

Daniil Medvedev during his first-round match at Vienna Open (Image via X)

A year after his win at the Flushing Meadows, Medvedev had subtly addressed the talks around his style of play. The Russian said that his style of play is not the best and no player in their right sense would like to copy that. He also said that had he stuck to his aggressive style of play where he is hitting the ball as hard as possible, he would not have won the Grand Slam.

I do think if you look at Daniil Medvedev only on the tennis court, only as a tennis player, maybe it’s not that easy to like him or me as much because, I mean, my technique is a little bit odd. My game style is probably not the flashiest, but that’s because I want to win. When I was young, when I was 18, I was hitting the ball as hard as I can. Maybe people would love it more, but, yeah, I probably would not win a Grand Slam.
Daniil Medvedev had said in 2022. (H/T: Tennis Majors)

While the fans continue to mock Medvedev for evolving and changing his style of play for good, the former World No.1 is gearing up for another action-packed season.

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