“F***ing ban him forever” Nick Kyrgios gets thrashed on social media for using mental health as an excuse to defend sexual assault against his ex-girlfriend

Tennis Twitter is calling out Nick Kyrgios' hypocrisy related to the sexual assault charges levied on him by his ex-girlfriend.

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios

Australian showman Nick Kyrgios got into trouble last year after a hideous fight with then-girlfriend Chiara Passari. Upon their arrival in Australia, the couple got into a heated argument and according to Passari, Kyrgios allegedly assaulted her. Things got worse after Passari filed a complaint and as a result, the Australian court summoned Kyrgios.

Kyrgios, because of his hectic traveling schedule, was exempted by the court and now, his lawyers will apply to have a common assault charge against the tennis star thrown out on mental health grounds. The case was adjourned and no further date has been set for the hearing.

Kyrgios is considered to be one of the most outgoing players on the tour. He is always in the negative limelight for some other thing he said or did. He is also not much loved on tour- by neither fellow players nor fans. He often takes sly digs at fellow players and doesn’t consider their mental health into consideration ever and now it is very hypocritical of him to use the same for his unfair advantage.

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Tennis Twitter calls out Nick Kyrgios’ hypocrite behavior

Nick Kyrgios
Nick Kyrgios

Since Kyrgios’ lawyers dismissed the case temporarily on mental health grounds, they have indirectly accepted that Kyrgios is guilty of those sexual assault charges levied on him. Fans on social media are calling out Kyrgios’s hypocrisy on the matter and are asking the ATP to take appropriate actions on the same. Some people even want him to be banned as such a character shouldn’t be allowed to compete in tennis.

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