Holger Rune arrived on the Tour with the confidence of beating the likes of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal claims Alex Corretja

Alex Corretja has put some confidence in Holger Rune, as he backs his fearless. 

Holger Rune arrived on the Tour with the confidence of beating the likes of Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal claims Alex Corretja

Novak Djokovic. Holger Rune, and Rafael Nadal (Image via: Imago)

In a recent interview with Eurosport, former Spanish tennis player Alex Corretja admired the ambition and personality of World No. 8 Holger Rune. He talked about his confidence and how the Danish tennis player is almost fearless coming into the 2024 season.


The retired Spanish tennis player appreciated the Dane for his attitude.

I think Holger Rune came on the tour and said to himself: 'Yes, I can beat the best player in history.' But you have to know how to go about it so as not to become someone who has expectations that are not yours. But I think Holger can aim high because he has the potential.
Alex Corretja said via We Love Tennis

As per the former tennis professional himself, Holger Rune has a lot of potential, and his fearless attitude will help him win more in the coming year. He also feels that it is good for players to aim high and have high expectations and ambition, as long as it does not affect their game or turn into arrogance.

He also added that the Dane is showing an incredible fearless attitude and is confident enough to beat some big names on the Tour, like Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.


Holger Rune did not have such a great year on tour this season. He enjoyed some success at the clay court belt of the season and was later plagued by an injury during the latter half of the year. His frequent changes in coaches and management did not do him much good.

The Danish started showing some improvement after roping in the German legend Boris Becker as his full-time coach, after which he started fairing well in the remaining season.

Alex Corretja claims Holger Rune to be fearless

The retired tennis professional has shared his thoughts on the performance of Holger Rune in the upcoming season and has claimed his ambitions to be fearless.

Holger is not afraid of anything. He is young and he goes with the flow. He feels he can be at the top of world tennis and he says it. It's awesome. I like it when players say things like that.
Speaking further about this, the Spanish added
Holger Rune
Holger Rune ( Credits: The Independant)

Discussing this further, the Spanish also mentioned how one needs to be humble and have the potential to have such high ambitions and expectations met with success.


He feels that these things should not make a player arrogant and disrespect their opponents as well. At the end of the interview, he wished the Danish good luck for the next season.

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