“I don’t know how he does it,” John McEnroe subtly questions Rafael Nadal about doping accusations

John McEnroe speaks on the doping allegations imposed on Rafael Nadal after his French Open triumph.

Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe
Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe

Rafael Nadal won a historic 22nd grand slam title after beating Casper Ruud in the final of the 2022 French Open. This was also his record 14th Roland Garros title and to everyone’s surprise, he did it without any big success in build-up tournaments on clay. Just a few weeks before the French Open, Nadal’s participation was in doubt due to multiple injury issues.

Nadal suffered a hairline rib fracture during the Indian Wells Masters which ruled him out for a month and then his foot condition kicked in during the Rome Masters, just a few days ahead of the French Open. He later revealed that even during Roland Garros, he suffered immense pain in his foot and he couldn’t even walk in his hotel after the second round of the tournament.

Nadal played the French Open final with a numbed foot, i.e. he had to take injections in order to avoid the pain, which he later revealed was a temporary measure his doctor suggested. After Nadal revealed this, there was a lot of talk about his French Open triumph’s credibility and many even accused him of doping or taking performance-enhancing drugs.

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‘I think it’s just a painkiller’: John McEnroe speaks on doping allegations on Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe | Tennis News | FirstSportz
Rafael Nadal and John McEnroe

American tennis legend John McEnroe has spoken about Nadal’s doping allegations on Tennis Channel. He said that he doesn’t understand how he manages to win despite so much pain and painkillers might be the answers. He clarified he doesn’t know about the details but there is a conspiracy theory appearing that Nadal is doping and is taking some kind of illicit substance.

But he clarified that the 22-time grand slam champion has been tested and he thinks that whatever they injected in his foot is just a painkiller.

“I don’t know how he does it, he says he takes painkillers. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know what it’s all about. There are conspiracy theorists now appearing in the world of tennis. There is a theory that Nadal is doping, to take some kind of illicit substances. He’s been tested in tournaments all the time. Whatever they’ve injected into his foot, I think it’s just a painkiller,” he said.

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