“Pressure is a privilege!” Jannik Sinner’s Billie Jean King-inspired words go viral following his iconic Australian Open win over Daniil Medvedev

The young tennis prodigy reflects on handling expectations and embracing pressure with grace.

“Pressure is a privilege!” Jannik Sinner’s Billie Jean King-inspired words go viral following his iconic Australian Open win over Daniil Medvedev

L-Jannik Sinner, C- Billie Jean King and R- Daniil Medvedev (Credits: GMA Network and Team USA)

Following his historic Australian Open win over Daniil Medvedev, Jannik Sinner quoted WTA legend Billie Jean King in his post-match press conference. He discussed his win and how pressure during his gameplay played a significant role.


Sinner was asked about the weight of expectations, especially from within Italy, to which he responded that having pressure was a good thing. He said:

Yeah, there is always pressure, but the pressure is something good. You have to take it in a good way. It's a privilege, no?
Jannik Sinner said

He compared pressure to a storm and said how he likes to dance in the ‘pressure storm.’

His deep perspective, expressed in the statement “pressure is a privilege,” drew parallels with tennis legend Billie Jean King’s famous words. Sinner’s ability to use pressure as a motivator for performance resonated with fans, players, and commentators alike.


He further went on to describe that he is lucky to have pressure of such sort, because not many players in the world might experience that. He has a firm belief in himself that he can always fight through the pressure and do well. He added:

Like me personally, I like it, because that's where most of the time I bring out my best tennis.
Jannik Sinner added

Jannik Sinner clinches maiden Grand Slam title at Australian Open, credits team and fans for support

The Italian had clenched his first-ever Grand Slam title. Defeating Daniil Medvedev in a stellar comeback, he carved his name into the pages of history. After his match, the young Italian extended his gratitude to his family and his team.

Jannik Sinner
Jannik Sinner (Via Money Control)

Sinner explained that he is still young and learning. He discussed the necessity of improving every day and the role of his teammates in helping him improve as a player and as a person. Sinner also praised the Australian crowd for making him feel at home.

He said:

I’m so glad to have you there supporting me and understanding me. Sometimes it’s not easy because I’m still a bit young sometimes. It is what it is. Most importantly, the support has been cr*zy throughout the whole 2 weeks. You guys make me feel at home.
Jannik Sinner said

He gave his love to his Italian fanbase who has been watching him from his country. He also lauded his coach for making him a better player every single match. Sinner humbly asked him to share the trophy with him, crediting a major chunk of his victory to his coach, Darren Cahill. The Italian will go home now and will be welcomed with tremendous love and support.

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