WATCH: Novak Djokovic furious with umpire Mohamed Lahyani for taking long pauses between announcing scores in English and Italian

Novak Djokovic lashes out at chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani in the third set of the quarter final match with Holger Rune.

WATCH: Novak Djokovic furious with umpire Mohamed Lahyani for taking long pauses between announcing scores in English and Italian

Novak Argues with Lahyani (Image via: Getty Images)

Novak Djokovic lost to Holger Rune in the quarterfinal match at the Italian Open in three sets (2-6, 6-4, 2-6). But he also lost his cool with chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani in the third set. Djokovic was a bit frustrated with being broken in his first service game in the first set, and the slow score announcements didn’t help.

In the final set, in Novak Djokovic‘s 2nd service game, Lahyani announced the score just as the Serb was going to serve. This really upset world no. 1. He came close to the chair and told Lahyani, “What’s the drama of waiting between English & Italian to call the score? Are you acting here or what?” Lahyani is one of the most experienced umpires in the tennis circuit.


Despite that, he stays in the news for many of his antics. For making wrong calls and sticking to those wrong calls. Though he faces a lot of flak, he takes it with a smile on his face.

This was not the only instance in the match that Mohamed Lahyani had an argument. In the second set, he also had an argument with Holger Rune over a line call which was clearly out. The wrong call by Lahyani cost Holger the game as Djokovic broke him. Rune told him “You’re an absolute joke

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Both Novak Djokovic and Mohamed Lahyani are in news with such incidents

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Novak Djokovic with chair umpire (Image via WWOS)

In the past, Lahyani has faced a lot of criticism for being too self-centered as an umpire. Some of his stark wrong calls have attracted a lot of criticism for him. For instance recently in the same tournament, Lahyani made a wrong call in the hyped match between Andy Murray and Fabio Fognini.

The mark made by the ball showed it was evidently out but, the umpire refused to accept his mistake. Andy had an animated argument with him and he later told him, “Mate you know you are wrong

Similarly, Novak Djokovic is also known for his many arguments with umpires. Especially on clay courts. He had a very animated discussion in the Monte Carlo open match against Lorenzo Musetti, which he lost. There seems to be a trend between Djokovic’s arguments and his losing matches. The incident in today’s Italian Open quarterfinal was one of the highlights of the match. Despite the upset by Holger Rune, this outlash by Djokovic made more noise. 


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