WATCH: A Proud father Novak Djokovic talks of his son Stefan’s first title

Novak Djokovic expresses his delight at seeing son Stefan win his first-ever title coincidentally on the same day as his victory in the 2022 Rome Masters.

Novak Djokovic and son Stefan
Novak Djokovic and son Stefan

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic might soon be turning into a full-time coach as his 7-year old son Stefan looks to pick up the racket just like his father and uncles. Djokovic won the 2022 Rome Masters on Sunday, 15th May 2022 defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the finals and was not the only victorious member of the Djokovic family as Novak revealed during his post-match press conference about his son’s feat.

Hours prior to the finals in Rome, Novak’s son won a local club tournament back home in Belgrade at the same time when Novak was taking on Stef in Italy. While the father-son duo could not watch each other’s matches, they would certainly have a lot to discuss their respective wins, a prospect that has very much excited Djokovic.

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Novak Djokovic speaks about being a ‘tennis parent’

Novak Djokovic and Son Stefan
Novak Djokovic and Son Stefan

Speaking in the post-match press conference after the title in Rome, Novak was asked about the start of his journey as a tennis parent as Novak himself revealed about Stefan’s match wishing him the best during his on-court interview. While it was a happy moment for Novak to see his son take the court, he was happier that Stefan has picked up the racket on his own and not under the influence of Novak himself, indicating his love for the sport his father has mastered.

“The journey started successfully. My son won the tournament today so I just received the news. It’s a very small club tournament obviously doesn’t really matter. I mean, the result is secondary. It was nice to see him playing and we had a chat the last few days about the routines and the things that he should do before the match and I was kind of leading him into this world and it was interesting to see him respond to that because obviously, you have to speak in their language.

“I’m not forcing him to play tennis. I never did that. Not a single day have I told him you have to do this. It’s really purely his own desire to step on the court. Of course, I’ll be thrilled if he plays tennis. If he wants to embark on this journey, I guess I have to embark with him too. He’s only seven. I mean, he’s still a child, so young. He shouldn’t feel any of the pressure or expectations yet, even though he’s going to because it’s part of I guess his family.

“He’s doing well so far. He’s really in love with the sport. Last night when I spoke to him, he was up till late. He was showing me forehands and backhands, how he’s going to move tomorrow, kind of shadowing, playing shadow tennis. I try to take that energy, childish energy, and fuel my inner child because I tend to forget about my inner child a lot. Everything is so serious. It’s your profession. It’s your job,” said a smiling Novak during the interview pleased with his son’s victory.

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