Questions loom over Novak Djokovic after lawyers present his positive RT-PCR reports while the player continued attending kids event

Novak Djokovic's copy of positive and negative RT-PCR reports go viral and drags the player into another controversy as he continued attending public events.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic finally won the court case against the Australian government after he was denied entry into the country by border officials and taken into a federal quarantine centre where he was been kept. He was earlier questioned by immigration officers for nearly 9 hours before being escorted to the quarantine hotel as he failed to provide proof for his medical exemption to the immigration officers.

Djokovic’s legal team quickly took the matter to the court where the court headed by Judge Kelly ruled the case in the player’s favour as the judge found the government’s case ‘unreasonable’ and order an immediate release of the player and also ordered the government to cover the cost of the case which is estimated to be around half a million dollars.

During the legal proceedings, Novak’s lawyers, who previously claimed that the player was covid positive on December 16 and hence was applicable for the exemption, presented the copy of his RT-PCR report that shows the player was indeed tested positive on December 16 for the virus. The team also submitted the copy of the report that showed him testing negative for Covid-19 on 22nd December.

However, this has now put the player in another public trial as the pictures of him posing for photos with kids maskless that went viral a few days ago raises the question that despite him knowing that he was positive, he attended the events and ceremonies and came in close contact with small children who unlike many of the adults are not yet vaccinated and might have been infected by the virus through Novak.

While this might have helped the player win the case in the court, he has certainly come in the fire of common people that such a huge mistake was committed by the player who put many kids at risk by attending the events maskless despite being aware that he was positive for the virus.

Novak Djokovic gets arrested

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

While many celebrated the victory of the player for winning the case against the government, the joy was short-lived as shortly later, the player was arrested by Australian security forces as confirmed by Novak’s father Srdjan.

While the official reason for the arrest is not yet made public, many believe it to be the work of the government who are hell-bent on deporting the player out of Australia as they can still reject his visa without giving any justification if the Immigration minister Alex Hawke who has now the power to make the decision.

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