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Roger Federer says “he will not win the French Open” and whoever thought he could win was “Wrong!”

Roger Federer believes he has zero, zip, zilch chance of winning the French Open, but wants to keep his spirits high and look ahead.

Roger Federer

If you ask any tennis player what he would rather do, play a tough game of tennis or face tough questions after the match, most would choose the former. As Roger Federer sat there answering questions, after his defeat to Pablo Andújar at the Geneva Open, you could see the honesty in his answers. Most questions asked were in and around one topic, the upcoming French Open


Roger Federer disappointed with the way he played at Geneva

Roger Federer

Federer looked out of rhythm, out of sorts at times too. It was as if he didn’t know how far back he wanted to stand from the baseline. The serve wasn’t firing too. And just like that the first game was gone, 4-6. In the second he made a comeback, winning it 6-4. But, in the third again the same margin of loss 4-6. Match lost 4-6, 6-4, 4-6 to the veteran Spaniard Pablo Andújar.

After the match Federer in hindsight felt that he couldn’t replicate his levels at practice in the actual match. He says it is disappointing but he believes this is how it works, you have to go through this process if you want to come back. In the end Federer mentioned that at times such as these, it’s important not to get too down on yourself. 


Roger Federer said, “When I walk out of a match like today, I feel like ‘My God, I could play so much better.’ It feels strange, and it’s disappointing, but at the same time, this is the process I need to go through, and that’s why I can’t get too down on myself, and I need to go back to the drawing board.” 

Roger Federer believes he has no chance of winning the French open 

They say, you are what your thoughts are. And Roger Federer proved those words are sacred. A day before his appearance at the Geneva Open, Roger Federer had claimed that “the game had progressed” in his absence, and in almost prophetic style a few hours later. he was ousted in the very first round. 

Clay was never Federer’s strength but we have never seen him getting beaten in first round matches, no matter what the surface is. Talking about French Open, Federer said that he doesn’t believe he has any chance at all of winning the title, and whoever believes he has is wrong. Roger Federer said, “I think when you played so little, and you know where your level is at, and I think you saw that today, how can I think of winning the French Open? I’m just realistic, and I know I will not win the French, and whoever thought I would or could go all the way in Paris is wrong.” 

As we watch the Great Champion slowly come to terms with his rapidly diminishing abilities on the tennis court, we admirers and fans alike must understand that he is still hanging in there, for that one miracle, because of his love for the game. Sport is cruel, what you have today, you will not have tomorrow, and Roger Federer knows that too well. 

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