On Saturday, Ash Barty broke the 44-year record of an Australian winning the grand slam title in the Australian Open after beating the American Danielle Collins 6-3, 7-6 in the finals of women’s singles Australian Open 2022.

This match was further by the presence of some of the most famous celebrities in the world. Former world No. 1, Billie Jean King, Tennis legend Rod Laver, Two-time grand slam winner Victoria Azarenka, five-time Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer, Ian Thorpe, gold medalist at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, Cathy Freeman Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, Golden Globe-winning producer Bruna Papandrea and last but not the least, Chris O’Neil, the Australian who captured the women’s title in 1978.

Barty rushes to hug Dellacqua post the historic win!

Ashleigh Barty
Ash Barty

The incredible comeback win over Danielle Collins made Ash Barty one of the legends of Australian tennis. However, the incredible career that she has had would not have been complete without Casey Dellacqua, who was her first doubles partner in her career.

Thus, after winning her first Australian Open, Barty rushed over to former doubles partner and close friend Casey Dellacqua, who was courtside as part of her role for Channel 9. Dellacqua got a hug and a little kiss on the forehead, as those watching on melted over the wholesome moment.

Back in 2012, a 15-year-old Barty called Dellacqua and asked her if she’d want to play doubles with her in the Brisbane International as a wildcard entry, to which she agreed. They made the semi-finals of that event and became extremely close, with Dellacqua a mentor for Barty and part of a successful doubles team – in the year after first playing together, contested three Grand Slam doubles finals. The former Australian No.1 was also was a major support when Barty decided to switch tennis for cricket in the middle and play for Brisbane Heat. Amazingly, it again was Dellacqua who inspired Barty to return to tennis, without whom Australia probably wouldn’t have broken their 42-year wait.

“She is a bloody legend. And she is a great friend and I’m so grateful and lucky to have her. There would not be any other person that I want sitting literally direct across from me. When I was on the court, I was trying not to look at Casey. Looking around, trying to look everywhere but Casey, but knowing that if I needed anything, not even that there is anything, to give other than the support and being there because Casey, she changed my life. She brought me into the sport again. And allowed me to explore, to grow as a person, and I love her.”– said Barty sitting beside her dear friend on Channel 9.

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