‘We’ve all got to play our part,’ Andy Murray asks Novak Djokovic to get vaccinated for the common good of society

Andy Murray believes that the negative consequences of being unvaccinated are just too extreme.

Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic
Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic

Andy Murray, three time Grandslam champion has been having some week in Sydney, as the Briton has reached the finals, after defeating Reilly Opelka in the semifinals on Friday. Apart from tennis, the things going off the court have been in the headlines off-late. Novak Djokovic’s visa situation has been doing the rounds since the last 10 days.

On Friday, Novak Djokovic’s visa was cancelled once again by the Minister of Immigration, Alex Hawke who used his discretionary power. The Briton has been quite vocal about what he feels regarding the entire situation, and believes that vaccination is the way to go.

Nevertheless, Murray stated the people are free to make their own decisions on the vaccination front. Novak Djokovic applied for entry into Australia on medical exemption grounds. The 34-year-old believes that although, medical exemption could be a basis for participation, yet almost every top 100 player is vaccinated, at least from the men’s section.

Pretty much all of the top 100 tennis players – I don’t know what it is on the women’s side, but I think they’ve got like 98% or something of the top 100 men’s players have been vaccinated, which is positive. “But yeah, ultimately people have to make their own choices,” Murray said.

Andy Murray outlines the consequences of being unvaccinated

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

There has been a major outbreak of covid-19 almost all over the world once again. Andy Murray learnt that people suffering major complications from covid-19 are those who are unvaccinated. Hence, the Briton maintains a pro-vaccination stance, having received his booster shot.

But there is also consequences sometimes for those decisions, as well…the lady who gave me my third jab, she works in the hospital in Central London, and she told me that every single person that is in ICU and on ventilators are all people that are unvaccinated,” he added.

Andy Murray indirectly asked Novak Djokovic to get vaccinated for the common good of the society. He believes that young athletes like them will not get affected as much, but it could pose a huge threat to immunocompromised people.

So to me, it makes sense, you know, for people to go ahead and have it done. Yes, most young, healthy athletes are probably going to be okay, but yeah, we’ve all got to play our part in this one, I think,” Murray added.

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