“It doesn’t sound right to me,” Tony Khan responds to CM Punk’s claims of AEW not paying for his triceps surgery following Brawl Out incident 

The AEW president provides an answer to CM Punk.

“It doesn’t sound right to me,” Tony Khan responds to CM Punk’s claims of AEW not paying for his triceps surgery following Brawl Out incident 

Tony Khan and CM Punk [via- AEW]

An excerpt from WrestleMania XL week’s interview of CM Punk with Ariel Helwani evinced how The Best in the World wasn’t looked after his injury at AEW All Out in 2022. Punk claimed that his former promotion did not cover the expenses of the surgery he needed once he tore his triceps. When asked about it, AEW president Tony Khan reverted to ambiguity.


While speaking to the media ahead of this Sunday’s AEW Dynasty pay-per-view, Khan said his company usually pays for such causes. However, he wasn’t sure of it in Punk’s case. Tony affirmed that he’d look into the matter. And if it turns out to be true, Khan said he would reimburse The Second City Saint. The former then spewed verbatim, citing how AEW does adhere to social norms if any of their employees get hurt while performing inside the ring.

Drawing the curtains back on All Out, the event left a daunting smudge on the company’s history. Despite the PPV being an overall success, things went south once CM Punk staged an unhinged rant on the AEW EVPs during the post-show media scrum. It led to an explosive backstage altercation between Punk and The Elite.

We typically do pay those expenses. I’d have to look into that. I can’t say for sure. It doesn’t sound right to me. If that is the case, I would reimburse him, honestly. I didn’t think that was the case and it doesn’t sound right, so I would have to look into that.
Tony Khan on CM Punk

One of the EVPs, Kenny Omega, recently reflected on the notorious Brawl Out incident. He admitted being terrible at the office he holds. Omega also revealed that if it weren’t for a completely different reason, he’d have talked it out with The Voice of the Voiceless that very night. He believes there’s nothing but mutual respect between them. However, the same could not be said for Tony Khan and that Chicagoan.


CM Punk called Tony Khan a “clown” just before quitting AEW

In the same interview on the MMA Hour stated above, CM Punk disclosed what led to his AEW departure. It all escalated when Jack Perry took offense to Punk’s advice to forbid the use of real glass in one of the spots Perry wanted to.

Tony Khan and CM Punk
Tony Khan and CM Punk (via Wrestling Inc.)

The Straight Edge Superstar reached his breaking point when Jack instigated Punk during the All In pay-per-view last year in London. It forced another skirmish, the second one for Punk in AEW, this time around with the Jungle Boy.

By then, he had enough. The 45-year-old called Tony Khan a clown and AEW “a f**king joke” and just quit. The footage of Punk and Perry going at each other was recently aired on AEW Dynamite, which received a ton of criticism from the fans.

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