Top 5 Best female characters in Free Fire

Today, we check out what girl power is all about when it comes to free fire. Here are the top 5 best female characters in free fire.

Best Female Characters costing 8000 coins in Free Fire

We take a look at the top 5 best Female characters in Free Fire. Free Fire has some interesting character choices for the player to make. There are lots of characters with a whole host of different abilities to choose from. Each ability helps the player and team in a different way.

Best Female Characters in Free Fire:


top 5 best female characters in Free Fire

A124 is a robot made with modern technology. Her ability lets you convert 25 EP into HP in order to heal yourself. Her ability is really powerful because it lets you heal up super effectively in the middle of combat.

She is even stronger when she is maxed out, allowing you to take upto 250HP worth of damage before dying. Combining her ability with Luqueta will being her total to a whopping 285 hitpoints.


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Clu’s ability is a pretty cool ability that can be extremely useful in tight situations. Her ability lets you reveal all characters that are standing up within a 50m radius around her. Opponents get revealed through walls for 7 seconds without them having any way to stop it unless they are crouching or are prone that is.


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Kapella is arguable Free Fire’s best support character. Her ability boosts healing rates from both abilities and items. Reviving with Kapella also gives friends a hand, starting with more HP than usual after a revive. When the game is all about emptying health bars, having a character that makes a difference in refilling them can prove invaluable.


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Laura is a sharpshooter. Her ability improves accuracy while shooting through a scope by a whopping 30%. In a game where gunplay is the primary method of combat, an accuracy boost can really help rack up those kills. Long range encounters should be way easier if you’re making use of Laura and her ability.


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Moco’s ability reveals enemy positions, but in a different way as compared to clue. Enemies tagged by Moco will be revealed for 5 seconds, allowing you to pre-fire at openings or toss lethals to finish them off. The downside of this ability is that you must be able to find the enemy first, as the ability won’t be of use if enemies are bearing down on you.

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