Top 5 Best Free Fire characters in September 2021 for Rank push

Here is a list of the Top 5 Best characters in Free Fire for players to choose for their rank push in season 23.

best charcters in free fire

Free Fire characters have unique abilities and skills that assist players on the battlegrounds. Here are the best Free Fire characters for rank push in September 2021.

Free Fire by Garena, launched in 2017 is one of the highly played BR titles on the mobile gaming platform. The game has seen substantial growth both in terms of popularity and revenue. Moreover, the game is titled the most download game for the years 2019 and 2020. It has crossed more than a billion downloads on the Google Play store before celebrating its fourth anniversary on August 28.

Apart from their successive events, the features of the game are quite attractive which gain massive popularity. Characters are one such addition that made Free Fire unique. The game has around 42 characters in total which are classified by their active and passive skill abilities. Choosing the best is not so simple and this article will focus on doing it so.

Note: Choosing a character is entirely subjective. Players can choose any character based on their gameplay.

Best Free Fire Characters for Rank push in September 2021

5. Chrono

best characters in free fire
Chrono – Image via Gaena

Chrono’s ability is called Time-Turner which generates a force-field that blocks 600-incoming damage given by enemies. Allies and the players can take shelter inside the zone and even shoot from inside it. This makes the best shot for players who choose to rank push the newly introduced season.

After the OB27 Update, this ability provides no movement speed for the teammates and only provides 15% movement speed to the player. Moreover, the cooldown for this ability has been increased to 170 seconds, which is more than double its earlier version. Players can use the pet rockie to reduce the cooldown period.

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4. Skyler

best chracters in free fire

When Skyler’s ability is activated, the ability generates a sonic wave that destroys five gloo walls within a 50m radius. When a gloo wall is deployed, it leads to an increase in the HP recovery, starting with 4 points. There is a cooldown of 60 seconds. Meanwhile, the sonic wave will damage gloo walls within a 100m range at the maximum level. Apart from this, the increase in the HP recovery starts from 9 points. Simultaneously, the cooldown reduces to 40 seconds.

Skyler’s ability can cause more destruction to enemies. He can also restore HP while damaging gloo walls. However, you can make much more use of his ability with the help of the following Best Free Fire character combination for Skyler.

3. Shirou

shirou character in free fire
shirou character (Image via Garena FF)

According to Shirou’s in-game description, he is the fastest delivery guy around. Likewise, his ability is named “Damage Delivered“. This is also a two-dimensional ability with enemy tracing and damage blended into one. They are:

  • Shirou’s ability will mark the opponent who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds
  • The first shot fired against the enemy deals an additional 50% bonus armour penetration.

2. DJ Alok

best free fire characters
DJ Alok character

DJ Alok is a popular character and he is prominent for his active ability ‘Drop the Beat’. His in-game description says that he is a world-famous DJ who is ready to drop a beat. His ability is so versatile among all other characters. At his base level, the ability can create a 5m radius aura.

Allies within the aura will get a 10% movement speed boost and increase their HP at a rate of 5HP per second for 5 seconds. Once upgraded to the maximum level, the ability increases movement speed by 15% and increases the health regeneration(5HP) duration to 10 seconds. He has a Cooldown of 45 seconds and the effects cannot be stacked.

1. Dimitri

Dimitri New Characters In Free Fire
Dimitri: New Character

Dimitri is one of the latest characters in Free Fire that has been introduced with the release of the OB29 update. According to his in-game description, he is a sound tech engineer who loves action movies, and the character is based on Dimitri Vegas. He has an active ability called “Healing Heartbeat“.

At its base level (level 1) his ability creates an aura of 3.5m around him that act as a healing zone. Inside that aura, both the user and allies recover 3 HP/s. Also when downed users and allies can self-recover to get up all the effects lasts for 10 seconds and comes with cool downtime of 85 seconds.

Whereas at the max level (level 6) all the attributes remain the same but the skill use time gets increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds and the cooldown time gets decreased to 60 seconds.

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