3 Best Free Fire character combinations with Skyler for aggressive gameplay

Wukong is one of the best characters to use in Free Fire, it destroys the enemy's gloo wall and restoring HP with the usage of gloo wall by himself. Here are the Best Free Fire combinations for Skyler.

Best character combinations with Skyler

Skyler is one of the top 3 characters in the Free Fire game with a powerful ability. Here are the 3 best Free Fire Character combinations for Skyler to make it even more powerful.

Free Fire, the quick-paced battle royale game that boasts tons of unique elements, aspects unlike other BR titles on the platform. Besides that, the game has into setting prominent standards in eSports with rising communities. Characters are one of the best additions to the game and their unique abilities will help players, giving a massive boost to their gameplay.

Assessing Skyler’s Ability:

best character in free fire
Skyler in Free fire

When Skyler’s ability is activated, the ability generates a sonic wave that destroys five gloo walls within a 50m radius. When a gloo wall is deployed, it leads to an increase in the HP recovery, starting with 4 points. There is a cooldown of 60 seconds. Meanwhile, the sonic wave will damage gloo walls within a 100m range at the maximum level. Apart from this, the increase in the HP recovery starts from 9 points. Simultaneously, the cooldown reduces to 40 seconds.

Skyler’s ability can cause more destruction to enemies. He can also restore HP while damaging gloo walls. However, you can make much more use of his ability with the help of the following Best Free Fire character combination for Skyler.

3. Skyler+Kelly+Hayato+Moco

Best Free Fire character combinations

Kelly is a must character skill that every character combination should have. The character has a beneficial ability that helps in movement speed and thus you can escape in any situation where you can’t think of getting saved awakening ability can be attained by achieving some missions. The character’s Deadly Velocity skill can improve the movement speed by 6%. Her awakening form also provides an additional boost by dealing damage of 106% damage with the first shot.

Best Free Fire character combinations
hayato in Free fire

Hayato’s Bushido skill can increases the armour penetration by 7.5%, with a 10% reduction in maximum HP. At the maximum level, every 10% decrease in the maximum HP results in a 10% increase in armour penetration. Hayato‘s skill or ability can increase damage when you hit enemies using the Skyler. The damage dealt will be higher and thus the enemy will get knocked in a few hits. Moco‘s ability tags the opposition for two seconds upon being hit, at the base level. When her character level reaches maximum level 8, so one tag on the foe will last for five seconds. You can spot enemies and increase movement with this combination.

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2. Skyler+Maro+Shirou+Paloma

Best Free Fire character combinations

Maro‘s ability is called Falcon Fever. At its base level (level 1), the ability will increase damage over distance by as much as 5%. Moreover, it helps players to enhance damage inflicted on marked enemies by 1%. With Maro in Hand, you can bring down enemies who are at long-range, especially with Sniper rifles.

best character combinations with DJ Alok
Shirou character

Paloma’s character is called Arms-Dealing and the ability will bring you the additional bag space. In normal matches, your bag is filled with Ammo and less few Gloo wall grenades. Gloo walls are the only way that you can HP with Skyler in active mode. Thus, you will need more grenades and indirectly, you need bag space and that is where Paloma comes in Handy. Speaking of Shirou ability, he can let you know enemies positions and will cause a great amount of damage with first hits from you on the enemy.

1. Skyler+Moco+Jota+Wolfrahh

Best Free Fire character combinations with Skyler
Moco Character

Jota‘ ability Sustained Raids will restore 25 HP instantly when the player kills an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun.  The powerful ability of Skyler allows players to make both aggressive and defensive plays with him as it can prove to be completely helpful in the last zone shrinks in a match, where there is higher usage of gloo walls.

jota in Free fire
Jota character

Skyler’s RiptideRhythm ability as well as Moco’s ability for Moco to tag enemies after being shot for five secs, the squad is almost invulnerable. These can be very helpful in battles with enemies behind gloo walls. Hacker’s Eye can be used while players are rushing, or when enemy players are rushing at you. Skyler will be able to break down walls and Moco reveals where enemies are, making them extremely vulnerable. Wolfrahh’s ability help to reduce the damage caused by headshots by up to 25 percent with each additional viewer. Wolfrahh can also enhance the damage to the enemy’s limbs by up to 25 percent.

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