Top 5 Characters Not To Use In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Garena Free Fire has more than 35 different characters in their roster with unique abilities. Here in this article we will take a look at top 5 characters not useful in Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

top 5 characters
Free Fire CLash Squad

Garena has several game modes to play with and one of these modes is the Free Fire Clash Squad mode. The game mode features an intense close-range fight between the two squads. However, playing this game mode is not easy, and players need the correct character to get the best result on the ground.

While there are several useful characters like DJ Alok, Hayato, Chrono, etc., other characters are not so useful in the Clash Squad mode. Here in this article we will discuss the list of top 5 characters not to use in the clash squad mode of the title.

5 Characters Not To Use In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

5. Ford

ford - FirstSportz
Ford In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Ford has a passive ability called ‘Iron Will‘. His ability reduces damage when outside the safe zone by 4% at level 1. When Ford is enhanced and leveled up to level 6 using character fragments, he can reduce the damage outside the safe zone by 24%.

Ford is not totally ineffective in this mode, as sometimes, players use him for heal battles in the last zones in Clash Squad mode. But, as heal battles are rare in this short and intense match, Ford can be avoided.

4. Misha

Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Misha’s skill, Afterburner, is related to vehicles. Since Clash Squad mode does not include any vehicles on the map, Misha’s ability is totally useless. At level 1, her driving speed is increased by 2%, and the damage is taken while in a vehicle decreases by 5%.

At her maximum level 6, the driving speed increases by 12%, and the damage is reduced by 30%. This skill is totally useless in this game mode where vehicles are not included.

3. Wolfrahh

free fire clash squad mode
Wolfrahh Ability

Wolfrahh’s skill is called ‘Limelight‘. For each observer or kill, the damage taken from headshots decreases by 3% to 25%. Damage inflicted to enemy limbs also rises from 3% to 15%. The damage taken from headshots is reduced by 5% to 30% at the highest stage, whereas damage inflicted on enemy limbs is increased by 5% to 20%.

Wolfrahh is not totally inefficient in Clash Squad mode. Still, his ability depends on other players spectating him. He is not reliable during the Clash Squad mode’s opening rounds.

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2. Antonio

3 best characters in Free Fire for new players

Antonio receives 10 extra HP when the round starts. But this ability is not of much use. 10 extra HP is very minimal and does not help players in early gunfights.

It is not recommended to use this character in the Free Fire clash squad mode. Instead, players can choose better options like DJ Alok, K and Luqueta who offer much better HP boosts.

1. Notora

Notora In Free Fire Clash Squad Mode

Notora and Misha share almost the same abilities with a slight difference. Notora has the ability called Racer’s Blessings. Her base-level skill allows her to restore 5 HP to all vehicle members every 4.5 seconds. The results do not stack.

At her peak level (6th level), she can restore 5 HP to all members inside the vehicle every two seconds. Since her ability is also tied to the vehicle, she is unfit for Clash Squad mode.

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