Top 5 emotes in Free Fire that players should own to tease others

Here is a list of the top 5 emotes in Free fire that players should use or own just to make fun of others!

best emotes in free fire

Emotes in Free Fire are a fun way of expressing something to others inside the game. Here are the top 5 emotes in Free Fire that players should own to tease other players.

Free Fire has seen a massive surge in its popularity where it finds millions of active users each day. Many content creators have come into the light by making content around this game and the game has also attracted global esports organizations. The developers will keep adding new content in the game which adds much more uniqueness and freshness to the existing content in the game. There are many unique elements in the game that have become the reasons behind its popularity. Emotes are one such thing that is unique and players find them very interesting as they express something.

Here are 5 emotes in Free Fire that players should own to tease other players in the game after taking them down.

Top 5 emotes in Free Fire to tease others

5 top 5 emotes in free fire

LOL Emote

LOL emote is one of the best emotes in Free Fire. This emote will make the character laugh in a sarcastic way which one can use to tease others. Players find it interesting when they use this emote after knocking down an enemy making fun of him and celebrating your victory. Players can choose the Autoplay option which enables the emote to use automatically after achieving a Booyah.

4 best emotes in free fire


Doggie is a premium emote in the game which is a cute move to celebrate your win in the game or over any player. The emote will bring a pet i.e., Shiba and both the character and pet will dance standing opposite to each other. Shiba will match its dance along with the character which makes the emote so luring.

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3 free fire best emotes


The emote name says everything and this one is based on Chicken. As the name suggests, the emote makes the player dance expressing the way of Chicken moves in a funny way. You can make fun out of players by using this while he stays alive after being knocked down.

2 free fire emotes


As the name reads, it means you are challenging others to come onto you. This emote makes the player call the enemy which means the player is ready for a challenge. The description reads: ‘Bring it on! Let’s see what you’ve got.’ So, this is another emote that players should own to provoke and frustrate other players.

1 best emotes in free fire
Jaguar Dance

Jaguar Dance

This emote is typically seemed to have taken from a movie in India. The emote will make the player dance in such a way that shows the back of the character to others, just to tease them in a different way which makes them frustrating. This emote would be used mostly in the Indian server.

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