Battlegrounds Mobile India: Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI

Mythic outfits, as the name suggests, look very astonishing and every player desires to own mythic outfits, In this article, we have mentioned some of the best mythic outfits in BGMI.

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI

Owning mythic outfits in BGMI is a dream for many but the chances of mythic outfits dropping from crates is very slim, as a result there are very few players who own a mythic outfit in BGMI. We have shortilised some of the best mythic outfits in BGMI.

Everyone tends to dream bigger. Nobody is ever ready to settle for less. Keeping this in mind the BGMI, a video game that feels homely to a humongous number of people has options for shopping.The various range of outfits available in the game is awestrucking. You can choose outfits ranging from ordinary to mythic outfits. Outfits in such variation is not just all about wearing and flexing but it is also about boosting a player’s confidence. As the name itself suggests, mythic outfits look really stunning. They can be acquired from the crates. Recently, a new crate known as Battlegrounds Lucky crate has been added which contains a ravishing mythic outfit.

In today’s article we have shortlisted top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI that would feel heavenly while acquiring.

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI

1. Flower Queen Set

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Flower Queen Set

One of the most stunning outfit of BGMI is the Flower Queen Set which can be found in the Classic Crate which costs 36 UC if you open it for the first time and 1080 UC if you open it for 10 times. The white color of this outfit makes it more sophisticated and the cape surrounding the outfit gives it a royal look. Players can don this outfit with the Flower Queen headgear which completes the look of this mythic outfit.

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2. Dark Widow Set

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Dark Widow Set

The dark widow set is one of the most desirable set in BGMI. This mythic outfit comes with an exclusive emote which makes the outfit more spectacular. The combination of yellow and black color gives it a quirky look, so if you like to experiment with colors, this outfit is just made for you! You can obtain this outfit from the custom crate which costs 60 UC if you open it for a single time.

3. Victorian Maiden Set

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Victorian Maiden Set

Have you ever wondered what type of outfits women wore in the Victorian Era? Have a look at this outfit and your questions will be answered. This mythic outfit is one of the prettiest outfits of BGMI. The shoes attached with this outfit gives your character a school-girl look. You can wear this outfit with the Victorian Headgear and your character will look more eye-catching. This outfit can be found in the classic crates.

4. Will of Horus Set

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Will of Horus Set

Another mythic outfit in BGMI with an exclusive emote is the Will of Horus set. This outfit will take you to the world of Ancient Egypt. The combination of black and golden gives a touch of royalty to your character. This outfit was released along with another mythic outfit i.e the Divine Acolyte set. There were very few players who obtained this set. This astonishing outfit can be obtained from the custom crate by spending UC.

5. Modern Lord Set

Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI
Modern Lord Set

Did someone ask for an outfit of a gentleman with a twist? BGMI heard you! The Modern Lord Outfit that can be found in the classic crates gives a gentleman look to your character but there’s a twist which makes it distinguished from other outfits. The mixture of two outfits in a single one makes this outfit quite unusual.

These are the Top 5 mythic outfits in BGMI. Do you own any of them? Do let us know in the comment section here.

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