Top 5 rarest Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire after OB28 update

Gloo Walls in Free Fire are the most useful items while engaging in combats. Here are the top 5 rarest Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire.

Rarest Gloo Wall skins in free fire
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Free Fire is known for its collaborations with famous personalities and brands alongside its features and game modes. It is one of the most played BR titles published by Garena. With multiple successive events, the game has emerged as one of the best Mobile games around the world and in eSports as well.

Free Fire developers regularly launch events, which consists of skins of weapons and other items and also cosmetic bundles. Some of them turn out to be rare for some reasons and may not be seen everywhere or anytime in the game. Gloo walls are one of the best features included in the game. These gloo wall grenades will give instant cover to players by making a strong wall covering the player from enemy’s shots. This acts like a protective shield for players so that they can take cover, retrieve and make a move again once they are set free. These gloo walls have alluring finishes(skins) which players would becomes so desperate to avail them.

This article will discuss top 5 rarest gloo wall skins in Free Fire.

Top 5 rarest Gloo Wall skins in Free Fire

5. Ancient Order

Rarest Gloo Wall skins in free Fire
Ancient Order Gloo Wall skin

This Gloo Wall skin is based on Ninja-theme which consists of a Ninja summoning his swords for battle and the red colour supposes so. The Ninja will be placed in middle and the rest is covered in white colour. Even though it doesn’t seem to look so great but it is one of the rarest Gloo Wall skins in the game. The Gloo Wall was available as a perk or a free item for an Elite pass pre order.

4. Plan Bermuda

Rarest Gloo Wall skins in free Fire
Plan Bermuda Gloo Wall

This Gloo Wall skin is not only one of the rarest skins but also one of the legendary skins and it may look weird but you may never see it often. It has the face mask that resembles the face masks of Money heist character red-robbery outfits. It was made available via the Money heist event and there are 4 colours of Money heist bundles. Since only limited players possess this skin, it is indeed one of the rarest Gloo Wall skins.

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3. Bunker

This Gloo Wall seems to be designed in a way that these are used in modern world combats for machine guns. Covering from either sides, letting enough space for a person to hit with a heavy machine weapon. Many players might even know thus skin so hardly and for that reason, it is one of the rarest Gloo Wall skins in the game. Players have to make sure that they are in seated position while using this skin, otherwise your enemies will hit you via its open space. It is also was available via a pre-order reward of an Elite Pass. These gloo wall skins are taken from above Pro Nation’s video.

2. Blood Hockey Gloo Wall

Rarest Gloo Wall skins in free fire
Bloody Hockey Gloo Wall

This skin was featured in an elite pass season which has got so many pre-orders just for this skin. The skin looks so good in terms of colour and context when used in the game which can be spotted from a distant place. That also makes your name stand out from the crowd.

1. Gloo Ramp

Rarest Gloo Wall skin in free fire
Gloo Ramp luck royal event

The unique thing about this Gloo Wall skin that it has attributes which makes this exclusive among all other skins in the game. But the disadvantage of this skin is it is the most tiniest Gloo Wall skin in the game it has less size which may not give cover for more than one player. This skin is based on Halloween-theme and is made available in a Luck Royale spin.

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