Popular WWE star showers praise on ‘mentor’ CM Punk for being a positive influence on younger stars

Trick Williams appreciates CM Punk for helping out the young generation.

Popular WWE star showers praise on ‘mentor’ CM Punk for being a positive influence on younger stars

Trick Williams appreciates CM Punk for mentoring NXT talent (via WWE)

CM Punk has long expressed his desire to be a mentor and guide the next generation of wrestlers. NXT has been the perfect medium for the Straight Edge Superstar to fulfill his wishes. He has been regarded as a positive influence and a huge help by several wrestlers on the yellow brand, including its champion, Trick Williams

Speaking with Adrian Hernandez, the NXT Champion said that ‘mentor’ was the perfect word to describe the 46-year-old. Punk was a blessing for anybody who would take the time to go talk to him and reach out to him. Trick Williams himself was helped by the former WWE Champion on multiple occasions which the crowd would greatly appreciate if they knew about it.

Punk suffered a triceps injury at Royal Rumble in January this year. Despite this, he has not stepped away from helping the younger generation. He continues to give it his all despite not being 100% physically fit. NXT Creative Head Shawn Michaels clearly shares Williams’ sentiments as well. 

He’s helped me with a few things that I feel like, if the crowd knew about it, they would be very grateful that he did.

Trick Williams on CM Punk

The Heartbreak Kid has also stated that The Best in the World has been highly supportive of the product. He provided a highly unique perspective, which enabled them to improve greatly. While he has only had one NXT TV appearance, Punk has been reported to visit the NXT talent backstage on numerous occasions.

CM Punk allegedly did not want Excalibur to work as a commentator on AEW Collision

CM Punk was the center of a lot of controversy during his time at AEW. Despite this, he was given his own show by Tony Khan. The Voice of the Voiceless had major control over the show. This seemingly extended to his choice of commentary personalities as well. 

CM Punk Excalibur
CM Punk and Excalibur (via AEW)

Speaking at a virtual signing for K&S Wrestlefest, former AEW commentator Kevin Kelly recently revealed that his presence on the show was highly influenced by Punk. However, the 46-year-old did not want Excalibur on the commentary table alongside him. 

The Luchador allegedly had close relations with The Young Bucks, which highly ticked off Punk. Furthermore, Kelly fully expected to be let go of his duties once the Chicago native was out of the company. His prediction turned out to be right, as he was fired from AEW in March 2024.

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