WATCH: CM Punk makes a surprise appearance at NXT Deadline, catches up with his idol and WWE HOF’er Shawn Michaels

The Second City Saint came face-to-face with The Heartbreak Kid at last night's NXT Deadline.

WATCH: CM Punk makes a surprise appearance at NXT Deadline, catches up with his idol and WWE HOF’er Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels and CM Punk [via- Fightful on X]

Draped in a Bret Hart-themed hoodie, CM Punk journeyed his way to last night’s NXT Deadline premium live event. The Best in the World was introduced by WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. The Total Mortgage Arena greeted Punk with rhapsody. Earlier in the day, Punk teased making an appearance on the show as he missed his flight and had nothing to do in Bridgeport.

Moreover, he had a call scheduled with Shawn Michaels over the weekend to gauge his chances in case he signs with NXT. Punk went a step further and decided to show up in person. He entered the ring and was basking in the adulation of a vociferous NXT Universe. As soon as he turned to Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid complimented Punk for the hoodie that he was wearing.


Of course, it was interesting as Punk channeled his inner Bret Hart in front of HBK, who’s had a storied history with the Canadian great. Then, The Straight Edge Superstar even teased dumping lucrative offers from Raw and SmackDown for NXT. And then came a wholesome moment when Punk asked Shawn to have a selfie, as the WWE HOF’er was someone Punk had grown up watching.

The Chicago-based wrestler even admitted mending his fences with Triple H and affirmed that everything’s about healing. Though his promo didn’t last long, it was short and effective.

Despite teasing putting pen to paper with the Shawn Michaels-led NXT, the fans know it’s something that only looks good in the verbal sense. He’s either going to SmackDown or would be called a Raw exclusive superstar. This Monday in Cleveland, Punk will make a decision about his brand allegiance.


CM Punk delivered a passionate promo on this week’s SmackDown

This past Friday on SmackDown, The Voice of the Voiceless put everybody on notice. He first fired the cannons at Roman Reigns while calling him someone who never shows up to work. Moreover, The Best in the World called himself the OG Paul Heyman guy.

CM Punk in his first promo back on SmackDown
CM Punk in his first promo back on SmackDown [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

Punk then turned his attention to Kevin Owens. In the process, he made an articulate reference to the backstage scuffle he had in AEW that eventually led to his firing. He talked about getting along with Randy Orton or even LA Knight. Not to forget he didn’t consider Seth Rollins ‘The Man’ in his own household.

Not only that, but Punk also brought Cody Rhodes into the conversation when he talked about finishing his story. At the end, CM Punk made his intentions crystal clear: he’s going to finish what he started in WWE. He vowed to headline WrestleMania 40 as the camera captured his nuances to perfection.


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