WATCH: Damage CTRL finally welcomes Bayley back into the fold with open arms after her eventful outing on SmackDown

Asuka has readily shown acceptance for Bayley and celebrated her victory with the faction at SmackDown backstage.

WATCH: Damage CTRL finally welcomes Bayley back into the fold with open arms after her eventful outing on SmackDown

Asuka, Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai (via X)

Damage CTRL is looking stronger than ever on SmackDown. The heel faction has WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane, and Dakota Kai united, with Bayley as the leader. But some riffs among the stable are visible these days as The Role Model is being excluded from their overall plans. To make fans believe this and even keep Bayley intact for them, a SmackDown backstage segment saw Damage CTRL hugging her.

The segment was not a part of the two-hour show but was a digital exclusive clip shared by WWE. The moment saw Bayley walk up to the rest of her faction when they were talking about Asuka’s victory earlier in the show against Charlotte Flair. The segment was important as their previous backstage interaction saw her showing remorse for last week’s interruptive loss and promising not to repeat the same.


The Role Model came in to apologize for getting involved in the match even though her presence landed in Asuka’s favor. The Empress of Tomorrow said stuff in Japanese and translated it to Bayley as Thank You! She stated that Charlotte was not ready for Bayley and celebrated the fact that she came out for assistance. Asuka then took Bayley in her arms and invited the rest of the members for a group hug.

The Role Model was convinced that she did that and gave Damage CTRL a victory. The segment ended with all five members smiling and expressing extreme joy as Bayley stayed true to the fact that they were a team. The frame with Damage CTRL being at their strongest and being cheerful with their heel personas was a rare thing to witness.

Bayley is currently the hot favourite to win Royal Rumble 2024

The leader of Damage CTRL, Bayley, has been sidelined from her faction for the past month. The return of Kairi Sane at Crown Jewel 2023 brought back WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky her Japanese friend. The returning Dakota Kai has also been on Iyo’s side since her return at SummerSlam 2023.

Bayley (via Catch-Newz)

While Asuka joining the stable also made up for the Japanese union, making them even closer. It would be highly sympathizing for Bayley, as she feels a misfit even after being the leader due to the rest of the stars’ over-association. The hints of the faction’s crack are visible on SmackDown with her discomfort.

All these considered, The Role Model is rumored to win the Royal Rumble 2024, turning babyface in the process. The Road to WrestleMania 40 will see her feud with Sky for the WWE Women’s Championship. Her career graph might again see a rise from that victory and lead to her momentous win at Mania.

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