“Not even ‘The Man’ in his own household!” CM Punk takes a brutal jab at Seth Rollins in his dynamic promo on SmackDown

CM Punk agrees on Becky Lynch's nickname and ran down on Seth Rollins for his distaste with him.

“Not even ‘The Man’ in his own household!” CM Punk takes a brutal jab at Seth Rollins in his dynamic promo on SmackDown

CM Punk and Seth Rollins (via WWE and Wrestling Inc.)

The Best in the World CM Punk made an appearance on SmackDown this week and had a lot of things to say. The 10 minutes of Punk’s talks were placed in between the show at clock hour to give him an ample amount of time. Fans were excited to hear from CM, and it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say he perfectly delivered. The promo that revolved around all the stars he could feud with had a subliminal mention of Seth Rollins in a devastating manner.

Punk claimed that most people were happy and welcomed him to the company with open arms, except for that one guy. The 45-year-old did not mention Rollins precisely but stated him to be the bad apple that spoils the bunch. Punk said not to put stock in his statements, as he is not even The Man of his household. The Chick Magnet’s words were clearly indicative of his reference to Becky Lynch‘s nickname and disparaging Seth.

I'm not gonna put any stock in anything he has to say, and its not because of his whiny voice. It's because he's not even The Man in his own household.
CM Punk’s brutal dig on Seth Rollins

The Chicago Made star was unleashed and even took an indirect dig at his AEW brawl-out situation. It was not enough for him to mention his past, as he even recalled his pairing with Paul Heyman a decade ago. Punk even indirectly confirmed his spot in the Royal Rumble match and even claimed to win it.

As of now, Punk’s motive is clear, and that is to main-event WrestleMania with a World Championship on the line. This would circle back to his issues with Rollins and bring him into the picture for the major buildup. It would be exciting to see how Seth replies to this call-out on the upcoming episode of Raw.

CM Punk will decide his fate over a brand signing on Raw

The return of CM Punk made fans go gaga at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. It was not enough for the fans to settle on it, as he even appeared on Raw last week and SmackDown this week. These appearances excited the fans but now has taken away his chance of being a free agent and sign to a brand.

CM Punk on Raw-Dec 11
CM Punk on Raw-Dec 11 (via WWE)

On the December 8, 2023, episode of SmackDown, Punk revealed that his next Raw appearance would make him an exclusive brand member. The plausible choices for him now are either Raw or SmackDown, which he will decide on that Monday Night itself. Punk even claimed to have a call with The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels regarding NXT (a non-plausible choice). After hearing from both GMs he will make the decision that he thinks will benefit him the most.

It is nearly confirmed for him to sign with Raw to set up a feud with Seth “Freakin” Rollins for their battle at WrestleMania 40. Another reason adding to it is Randy Orton’s stay on SmackDown paves the way for Punk to be on Monday Nights. The signing segment on Raw would be memorable to witness.

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