Jey Uso welcomes CM Punk back with open arms, claims he is on ‘Tribal Chief’ status

Jey Uso endorses the iconic comeback of CM Punk and says he is on the same level as Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso welcomes CM Punk back with open arms, claims he is on ‘Tribal Chief’ status

Jey Uso, Roman Reigns and CM Punk (via WWE)

WWE has had a successful year in terms of both the financial and creative aspects of things in 2023. The current WWE roster is brimming with top babyfaces.


The company hasn’t had these many stars thriving as babyfaces in a long time. The shocking return of CM Punk has only contributed to the long list of babyfaces. Speaking of which, Jey Uso recently endorsed the comeback of Punk by comparing him with Roman Reigns.

Main Event Jey Uso was the special guest in the recent edition of WWE’s popular talk show, The Bump. Joining other superstars who commented on the historic comeback of CM Punk, Uso recently chipped in his take on the return of the Straight Edge Superstar. The 38-year-old heaped major praise on Punk, saying he is a huge superstar who gets people talking about him.

Furthermore, the 38-year-old dismissed all the controversies surrounding CM Punk. On the other hand, Uso went on to acknowledge that the Second City Saint is invariably a red-hot topic in the wrestling industry.


Welcoming the 45-year-old to WWE with open arms, he proceeded to claim that CM Punk is of the same stature as the Tribal Chief. Uso also expressed his willingness to work on a program with the former WWE Champion.

He like on some Tribal Chief status. He’s top guy, regardless of whatever is going on. So my invitation is open. Bring him. Let’s go. Let’s run it, I’ll be your first one to run with. It’s all good.
Jey Uso about CM Punk’s WWE return

Jey’s shocking comparison has fanned the flames of a possible feud involving the two men. Moreover, a recent report also shed light on the creative direction for The Second City Saint in 2024, featuring two box office feuds. Nevertheless, Jey Uso’s words carry the utmost significance, as CM Punk had yet again reinforced his star power in WWE by becoming the top merchandise seller, surpassing the company’s face, Roman Reigns.

Jey Uso extends a heartfelt apology to Drew McIntyre

The character trajectory of Drew McIntyre did a 180-degree U-turn a few weeks ago. The Scottish Warrior finally turned heel prior to the Survivor Series WarGames. Over the last few months, McIntyre has openly expressed his disdain for Jey Uso. When the latter joined Raw, he wasn’t welcomed with open arms. However, he gradually earned the trust of other superstars, except for a vengeful McIntyre.

Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre
Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre (via Wrestling Observer)

While speaking on the December 6 edition of WWE’s The Bump, the 38-year-old conveyed a solemn apology to the former WWE Champion. Furthermore, the former tag team Champion urged the Scottish superstar to let go of the resentment. Uso owned up to his past mistakes and admitted that he did a lot of regrettable things to Drew, which ultimately cost the latter the WWE Championship.

Hey, look, man. I’m sorry, Uce. Alright? I apologize, man. You’ve got to let that thing go. Don’t carry that anger with you all the time. We did some messed up things to you, back in the day Drew like costing you the World Championship, whopped your a** multiple times.
Jey Uso on The Bump

Moreover, he further clarified that he was just adhering to the orders during his time in the Bloodline. Jey nevertheless had parted ways from the Bloodline since SummerSlam 2023. Shortly after, the superstar revamped himself into a singles competitor.

The 38-year-old unsuccessfully challenged Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship earlier this week. After the title bout, he was ruthlessly ambushed by a vindictive McIntyre.

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