WATCH: Fame-hungry guy delivers vicious Shawn Michaels-inspired FLYING ELBOW to a sleeping man on a train for TikTok likes

A sleeping passenger was jolted out of his slumber after a TikTok user attacked him with a Shawn Michaels-inspired Elbow Drop.

WATCH: Fame-hungry guy delivers vicious Shawn Michaels-inspired FLYING ELBOW to a sleeping man on a train for TikTok likes

Shawn Micheals and Flying Elbow Drop (via Bleacher Report and X)

The obsession for overnight fame and popularity has taken over the basic sense of conscience among people. The so-called social media figures end up pulling off the most bizarre stunts in public for 15 minutes of fame. Such embarrassing acts nevertheless make you nothing more than a flash in the pan. In one such incident, a TikToker used a Shawn Michaels-inspired WWE-style Flying Elbow to wake up a sleeping passenger on a train.


The popular humor page, Street Fight Hard, uploaded a video of a chaotic public instance in a recent post. The incident, which took place on a tube train, involved a guy in a red jacket waking up a sleeping man. However, the video went viral on social media, not because he disrupted his sleep but rather due to the outlandish means he employed to rouse him up.

In the video above, a man wearing a gray-colored jacket was sleeping in the train seat. Shortly after, the supposed TikTok personality let out a loud roar and dropped a vicious Shawn Michaels-inspired elbow drop on him. As soon as the former woke up from his sleep, the guy in the red hoodie pretended as though he was not the one who snapped him out of sleep.

Moreover, the Flying Elbow Drop is one of the most familiar moves in professional wrestling. However, what set HBK’s Diving Elbow Drop apart was his way of delivering this high-risk move. Michaels was one of the first people to execute this aerial move from the top rope. At the present time, Kairi Sane uses the same top-rope elbow drop as her finishing maneuver in WWE.


Netizens lambast the man in red hoodie who used Shawn Michaels-inspired Flying Elbow Drop

The above-mentioned article sheds light on an incident on the tube train. In the said video, a guy wearing a red hoodie caused a public nuisance inside a train when he woke up a sleeping man using a Shawn Michaels-esque Elbow Drop. The viral video amassed a string of reactions from netizens. One of the top reactions was a user warning that the red hoodie guy would’ve been done for had he pulled the same stunt in Texas.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels (via X)

Check out some of the top reactions:

Criticizing the TikTok influencer, one person described the antic as “shameful.” Meanwhile, another person commented that situations like these had occurred long before TikTok existed. Another user condemned the red hoodie guy, saying he deserved to be punished. On the other hand, another person felt sympathy for the sleeping man.


Furthermore, another user referred to TikToker as a clout chaser for doing absurd things for attention. All in all, the comment section sympathized with the man who was at the receiving end of the elbow drop.

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