WATCH: Jey Uso gets laid out cold by old rival after the former succumbs to Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight title on Raw

Drew McIntyre's frustrations made him take out both Jey Uso and Seth Rollins after the main event.

WATCH: Jey Uso gets laid out cold by old rival after the former succumbs to Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight title on Raw

Seth Rollins and Jey Uso on Raw [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

It took 15 years for Jey Uso to get himself into a World Title match in WWE. And this week on Raw, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to prove his mettle against Seth Rollins. Despite having arguably the best singles match of his career, the former Bloodline member fell at the final hurdle. Rollins retained his gold despite the difficulty.


But after the two men shook hands, they did not see a beating coming their way. Having said that, Drew McIntyre entered the frame out of nowhere and kicked Jey Uso’s head off at the ringside. Sacrificing himself into the mix, Seth Rollins, too, paid the price as The Scottish Warrior took him out. McIntyre wasn’t simply done until he put Jey through the commentator’s desk.

In the final seconds, Drew got close to Jey and yelled that the truth would set him free. And that’s how Raw came to a close. Turning the clock back a bit, McIntyre had a tumultuous outing in Albany this week. To kick things off, he had a barn-burner of a match against Sami Zayn. Despite giving his all, the former Honorary Uce got trumped by the former 2-time WWE Champion. That wasn’t it for Sami, as McIntyre ransacked him once again.


Drew, a man possessed at the moment, appears like he has some sort of broken dream. His organic redemption arc has been a peach of a delivery to even think of. Fans have an interest in where things are going for the former Scottish Psych*path. The race to ride the throne on Raw seems to have heated a lot of late.

Where does Drew McIntyre’s scorn for Jey Uso takes him on Raw?

The last time Drew McIntyre had Seth Rollins with the World Heavyweight title up for grabs, it was at Crown Jewel last month. McIntyre failed to get the job done even after hitting the right buttons. It seems like Drew simply isn’t able to accept the fact that he couldn’t put away The Visionary in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre on Raw
Jey Uso and Drew McIntyre on Raw [via- WWE]

Moreover, when Rollins revealed he was going to bestow a world title shot on him, it exasperated Jey. Well, after last night’s actions on Raw, it’s apparent that McIntyre won’t just sit back and let things work out. Instead, he seems hellbent on dictating the flow of Raw and his quest to the top.

Before heading out for his match last night, Jey Uso met Adam Pearce to get a medical update on Sami Zayn, tormented by Drew earlier on in the show. The ‘Main Event’ Jey even vowed to take care of Drew McIntyre if he keeps messing around. And guess what? The Glasgow-based superstar took his shot. It might be time for Jey Uso to clap back.


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