Former US Champion adds salt to Drew McIntyre’s wounds after he expressed disappointment with WWE

Ricochet mocks Drew McIntyre about his frustrations with WWE.

Former US Champion adds salt to Drew McIntyre’s wounds after he expressed disappointment with WWE

Drew McIntyre (via X)

Drew McIntyre is full of anger and frustration since his team’s loss in WarGames at Survivor Series. But his disappointment with WWE continues to grow after he was not featured in the official 2024 Royal Rumble PLE poster. While many fans sympathized with the Scottish Warrior and said he deserved to be on the poster, one superstar found this situation funny and decided to mock the frustrated superstar.


The 38-year-old expressed his disappointment with WWE with his comments on the post after being left out of the 2024 Royal Rumble poster. He said in a tweet:

Are you starting to understand my frustrations now?
Drew McIntyre via X

This caught fans’ attention, and they wholeheartedly supported Drew, who deserves to be on the poster. But fellow superstar Ricochet tried to poke fun at him with his cheeky comment.

The One and Only commented:

Oh, I understand!
Ricochet on X in response to Drew McIntyre’s tweet

This was accompanied by laughing emojis, in an attempt to show misguided sympathy to the angry Scottish Warrior. But Drew McIntyre gave a befitting reply to Ricochet with a video of him saying ‘Shut up!’ to him. The fans also joined this hilarious banter and mocked Ricochet.

Drew will closely follow the match that will happen next week on Raw between World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Jey Uso. Ricochet wrestled in a Fatal 4-way match to determine the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Title match but suffered a concussion in the match and has been out since then.

Ricochet claims that he never won with a comment on social media

Ricochet is one of the best superstars when it comes to high-flying abilities and in-ring skills. But he is going through a tough time right now, as he hasn’t won a single match in two months.

Ricochet (via X)

One fan posted a tweet about Kairi Sane losing all three of her matches since her return and stated that three losses won’t ruin her run in WWE. The 35-year-old agreed with the fan and said:

Take it from someone who never wins. She'll be fine.
Ricochet on X in response to Kairi Sane losing 3 matches in a row

Ricochet won his last televised match against Dominik Mystrio in a live event.

Ricochet continues to be a famous figure despite the losses and never fails to entertain the fans. As of right now, he is out with an injury he suffered on an episode of Monday Night Raw. It will be interesting to see whether he gets some wins under his belt or not.

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